Synopsis of Anime Film Bubble (2022)
Synopsis of Anime Film Bubble (2022)

Synopsis of Anime Film Bubble (2022)

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Bubble (2022) is an anime film that follows the story of a group of young adults who live in a town filled with mysterious bubbles. These bubbles cause chaos and danger, and the town becomes isolated. The story is set in Tokyo, Japan, and it shows how the young adults take advantage of the empty town and turn it into their playground. They play dangerous games and compete against each other in parkour battles. In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth synopsis of the anime film Bubble (2022).

The movie is directed by Tetsurou Araki and stars Jun Shison and Riria. The film was released in 2021 and is categorized as an anime film. The story begins when mysterious bubbles start to appear all over the world, causing chaos and destruction. In the middle of the chaos, a massive explosion occurs in central Tokyo, and the city is enveloped by a large bubble. Even after the bubbles stop falling in other parts of the world, Tokyo continues to experience the phenomenon.

The bubbles that fall on Tokyo eventually turn into water, causing floods that make the city uninhabitable. Top scientists from around the world study the phenomenon, but none can solve the mystery of the mysterious bubbles. As a result, people start leaving Tokyo one by one, and eventually, the city is abandoned, turning it into a forbidden city. However, some young people secretly stay in Tokyo and play dangerous games.

One such group is a parkour team called Blue Blazes, and it consists of young adults who have lost their parents due to the bubble phenomenon. One member of the team, Hibiki, has excellent parkour skills, but he always wears headphones because of his ultra-sensitive hearing. In the center of Tokyo is a tower that is impossible to use for parkour because of the gravitational anomaly. Hibiki attempts to climb the tower one day because he can hear a song coming from it.
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Unfortunately, he falls into the water and is rescued by a mysterious girl named Uta, who comes from one of the bubbles. She turns into a human when she joins Hibiki’s breath bubbles. However, when she touches Hibiki, a bubble appears on her finger. Uta has swift movements and initially behaves oddly, but she quickly learns from the people around her. Hibiki names her Uta because she sings the song he heard.

Later, the parkour team from the Undertaker group fights Blue Blaze, but they lose because Blue Blaze has an advanced tool. That night, Uta takes a fairytale book about a mermaid and asks Makoto to tell the story. After that, she starts learning everything she can about humans and the world, with Makoto’s help. Meanwhile, Hibiki takes her to his secret place, and she falls in love with it. He tells her about his past and why he wears headphones.

Undertaker kidnaps Makoto, and Blue Blaze receives a challenge from the group. Uta and Hibiki then team up to defeat the Undertaker, who has Makoto and a special prize. Uta helps Blue Blaze with her improved skills, and Hibiki’s hearing becomes a significant advantage in the fight. Eventually, the group is victorious.

In conclusion, Bubble (2022) is an engaging and captivating anime film that brings up new themes and challenges for the characters. The film excellently portrays the bravery, resilience, and strength of the young adults who survived the bubble phenomenon in Tokyo. The movie is well-written and directed, keeping viewers engaged from beginning to end. If you are a fan of anime and action-adventure movies, we highly recommend Bubble (2022).

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