Synopsis for Peppermint: The Story of a Mother's Revenge
Synopsis for Peppermint: The Story of a Mother's Revenge

Synopsis for Peppermint: The Story of a Mother’s Revenge

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Peppermint is a thrilling action movie that tells the story of a mother who seeks revenge against those responsible for the death of her husband and daughter. Directed by Pierre Morel and starring Jennifer Garner, this film is a masterpiece of action, crime, and drama genres.

The movie opens up with the story of Riley North and her husband Chris North, who are struggling to survive a financial crisis. One day, Chris’s friend asks him to participate in a robbery that would target one of the biggest drug lords, Diego Garcia. But Chris declines the offer. Diego, who finds out about the plan, orders three of his henchmen to kill Chris and his family.

Riley and Chris are celebrating their daughter’s birthday in a carnival when suddenly, a car approaches and starts shooting at them. Chris and Carly die on the spot, while Riley is critically injured and hospitalized. After recovering, Riley goes to the police station to identify the criminal and selects three suspects. However, she loses the case in court and does not get the justice she seeks.

Frustrated with the lack of justice, Riley escapes from the ambulance taking her from the courthouse, and disappears for five years. During this time, she becomes a vigilante and hunts those responsible for her family’s death. Riley returns to Los Angeles, where she takes revenge from the lawyer who cornered her in court and the judge who presided over her trial. She also attacks Diego’s cartel, which further strengthens the police’s suspicion of her activities.

Meanwhile, the FBI agent Lisa Inman is assigned to investigate a series of murders in the city, which eventually leads her to Riley. The police are finally closing in on Riley, and Diego puts a trap for her by blowing up a warehouse. They thought Riley was killed in the explosion, but she manages to infiltrate Diego’s mansion and kills his henchmen, except him. In the final showdown, Riley faces Diego and gets stabbed, but she manages to live to tell the tale.

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The movie ends with Riley wounding up in a rundown area of Los Angeles called Skid Row, where homeless people regard her as their guardian angel. Detective Carmichael, who investigated Riley’s case and barely survived when she attacked him years ago, discovers her location, and tries to surround and capture her. Carmichael hires a group of thugs to finish her off, but before they catch up to her, Riley uses Inman’s smartphone to live stream a video of the attack. The police arrive at the scene, but Diego holds a child hostage, forcing Riley to surrender; she eventually does so, but with a plan to continue her mission in future.

In conclusion, Peppermint is a must-watch movie for all fans of action, crime, and drama genres. It is a gripping story of a mother’s quest for justice and revenge and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Garner’s portrayal of Riley North is impeccable, and the action sequences are some of the best in recent times. If you’re looking for an action-packed thriller with a strong female lead, then you don’t want to miss Peppermint.

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