One Piece 1083: Garp Unleashes His Deadly New Punch on Hachinosu Island
One Piece 1083: Garp Unleashes His Deadly New Punch on Hachinosu Island

One Piece 1083: Garp Unleashes His Deadly New Punch on Hachinosu Island

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In the upcoming One Piece 1083 episode, the spotlight will once again fall on Hachinosu Island. According to the latest leaks, the fight between Garp and Aokiji is still ongoing. In One Piece 1083, the author Eiichiro Oda will showcase Garp using his deadly new punch, said to be even more lethal than his Galaxy Impact that destroyed the center of Hachinosu City.

Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that one of Blackbeard’s commanders will meet their end due to Garp’s new technique. The question remains, which of Blackbeard’s commanders will fall victim to Garp’s attack in One Piece 1083? Will it be Aokiji, who is currently battling Garp, or another commander who is on Hachinosu Island?

As we know, Garp and Aokiji’s fight started in chapter 1931, and it is still ongoing. Apart from Aokiji, Blackbeard’s other commanders, Avalo, Vasco Shot, Shiryu, and Sanjuan Wolf, are also on the island. They were tasked by Kurohige to capture Coby, who was attempting to escape from them.

Avalo, who is monitoring Garp’s movements on the island, uses his devil fruit ability in assault mode to confront him. Aokiji then steps in to assist after sensing Avalo’s signal. According to leaks, Garp and Aokiji engage in a fierce battle. Avalo joins in to help Aokiji, but with his assistance, Aokiji pushes Garp to the brink.
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It is at this moment that Garp uses his new and most potent punch, which is expected to be devastating. It hits Avalo in his devil fruit state, causing him to revert to his original form, lifeless. News of Avalo’s death quickly spreads to the remaining Blackbeard commanders, including Kurohige, who orders them to take up arms.

Will Blackbeard’s remaining commanders be able to defeat Garp together, or will Garp defeat them all and save Coby in One Piece 1083?

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