Synopsis: "Do Revenge" Movie Review
Synopsis: "Do Revenge" Movie Review

Synopsis: “Do Revenge” Movie Review

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“Do Revenge” is a black comedy movie that centers around the lives of high school students, Drea Torres (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), who are both shunned by their peers due to being the target of an embarrassing sex tape that went viral. The movie follows their journey as they seek revenge on the people who wronged them.

The film is directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and stars other talented actors like Rish Shah, Austin Abrams, and Sophie Turner with a cameo appearance by Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was released on September 16, 2022, and is available exclusively on Netflix.

Drea is a popular girl in school, smart, and talented. She is supported by her friends and has a handsome boyfriend, Max, who is also the most popular and richest boy in school. Max asks Drea to make a sex tape for him before the audition for Teen Vogue, and Drea agrees. Max later shares the video with their classmates, resulting in Drea becoming the most hated person in school. Furious with Max’s actions, Drea decides to take revenge on anyone who spreads the video.

In the school’s tennis club, Drea meets Eleanor, an awkward girl who was also humiliated by someone she liked. Despite their differences, they both bond over their shared experiences and decide to seek revenge on Max and his girlfriend, Carissa. Drea transforms Eleanor’s appearance, making her attractive to Max, and they begin gathering information about Max’s secrets.

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Their plan works perfectly, with Carissa expelled from school and Max’s unfaithful behavior exposed to the entire school. However, Max’s charm and popularity overshadow the exposure of his flaws, leading his friends to cover up for him. The story then takes a thrilling twist, leaving audiences at the edge of their seats.

The movie tackles sensitive issues such as bullying, racism, and the LGBT+ community, which are seamlessly addressed through the characters’ experiences. The black comedy in “Do Revenge” lightens the movie’s serious tone, making it an enjoyable watch.

One exceptional aspect of the movie is the portrayal of its female characters. Drea and Eleanor are strong-willed and determined to seek justice for themselves, showing that women can be independent and capable of standing up for themselves. Their resilience and tenacity in the face of their struggles make them compelling and empowered characters.

In conclusion, “Do Revenge” is an excellent black comedy movie that touches on sensitive issues in a lighthearted manner. The film’s exceptional portrayal of female characters, thrilling plot twist, and beautiful cinematography make it an enjoyable watch.

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