Synopsis: Colombiana - A Girl Fights Against the Mafia
Synopsis: Colombiana - A Girl Fights Against the Mafia

Synopsis: Colombiana – A Girl Fights Against the Mafia

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Colombiana is an action-packed film that tells the story of a little girl who watched her parents being killed in front of her eyes. Cataleya Restrepo, the little girl, holds onto the traumatic experience and turns it into a burning desire for revenge. Throughout the film, we see how Cataleya grows up to become a master assassin, hunting down anyone responsible for her parents’ death, including the mafia boss behind the brutal murder.

The movie begins in Colombia in 1992, where Cataleya’s father, Fabio Restrepo, decides to leave the mafia business and possess a secret memory card containing sensitive information about their operations. As a result, Don Luis, the mafia boss, orders Fabio and his wife’s murders in front of their daughter, Cataleya. The traumatised Cataleya swallows the memory card and flees the scene to the US embassy to escape to the United States.

The memory card becomes Cataleya’s only link to her past, so she keeps it with her always. She finds and seeks refuge with her uncle Emilio, who is also a hitman, in Chicago. Cataleya asks her uncle to teach her the assassin trade, which he does, and she becomes the deadly assassin she is today. Cataleya spends her days hunting down all those who were responsible for her parents’ death.

In every murder she commits, she leaves a flower called Cattleya as a trademark to catch the attention of Don Luis. Cataleya also falls in love with a man named Danny, and despite her best efforts to keep him out of her assassin life, he eventually becomes involved. Danny takes a photograph of her when she falls asleep at his apartment, which is what finally leads the FBI to her after more than 20 murders.
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As the FBI finally takes over the case, Cataleya’s opportunity for revenge draws near. She forces FBI agent James Ross to reveal the location of Don Luis and goes on a killing spree to eliminate his henchmen before finally facing off against Don Luis himself. After a nail-biting fight, Cataleya brings down Don Luis using a pair of killer dogs she had kept ready in his car. And with her mission complete, Cataleya goes off the radar and continues to live as the woman without a past.

The character of Cataleya is the perfect female action hero, portrayed perfectly by the talented Zoe Saldana. She is tough, smart, and never loses her cool in any situation. Her character’s growth from a little girl to the assassin she is now was beautifully portrayed, and her revenge and end were extremely satisfying. The movie is a great mix of action and drama, showcasing the struggles of a young girl trying to make things right by using her unique set of skills.

In conclusion, Colombiana is a must-watch for action movie enthusiasts. Its strong storyline, memorable characters, and well-staged action scenes make for an unforgettable and satisfying cinematic experience.

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