Synopsis and Review of Narcos Season 3: The Fight Against Cali Cartel
Synopsis and Review of Narcos Season 3: The Fight Against Cali Cartel

Synopsis and Review of Narcos Season 3: The Fight Against Cali Cartel

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Narcos Season 3 follows the gripping story of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and their struggle against the Cali Cartel in Colombia. After the death of Pablo Escobar, the Cali Cartel’s illegal empire rapidly expanded, becoming one of the biggest players in the American black market. Pedro Pascal, as agent Javier Pena, is the main protagonist and narrator of the series as he recounts his experiences in stopping the Cali Cartel.

The third season introduces Damián Alcázar as Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, the leader of the Cali Cartel, who is a force to be reckoned with, and Alberto Ammann as Helmer “Pacho” Herrera, a key member of the Cali Cartel. Francisco Denis also appears as Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela, Gilberto’s brother and a significant figure in the Cali Cartel.

The season takes place in Colombia, where the Cali Cartel has taken over the drug trade after the collapse of Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. Pena, along with new DEA agents Chris Feistl and Daniel Van Ness, investigate the cartel’s activities, gather intelligence and make plans to arrest the key members of the Cali Cartel.

In the third season of Narcos, the DEA continues to pursue their mission against the drug lords. The Colombian-based Cali Cartel poses an enormous challenge, and the season is full of twists and turns as the DEA stops at nothing to take down these criminal masterminds.

The plot of season 3

After the downfall of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel, the Cali Cartel quickly made their mark in the illegal drug trade. The third season of Narcos centres on their rise to power and the DEA’s struggle to stop them. Pedro Pascal, as Javier Pena, is the story’s narrator and the show’s main character, providing a personal and in-depth look at his battles against the Cali Cartel.

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The challenges faced by the DEA

In season 3, the DEA tackles the Cali Cartel head-on, but not without significant obstacles. The cartel’s leader, Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, is more than a match for the DEA, and the intricate web of the cartel’s operations presents a daunting challenge for the agents. In addition, the CIA’s involvement in the fight against the Cali Cartel further complicates the situation, as their methods differ from those of the DEA.


Narcos Season 3 picks up right where the previous seasons left off, exploring the rise of the Cali Cartel and documenting the DEA’s relentless efforts to take them down. With Pedro Pascal as the narrator and main protagonist, the series provides an inside look into the challenges and obstacles faced by the DEA in their fight against organized crime. Season 3 is a thrilling and suspenseful installment in the Narcos series, full of twists and turns that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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