Synopsis and Review of Ivanna (2022) - A Classic Horror Film with Memorable Jump Scares
Synopsis and Review of Ivanna (2022) - A Classic Horror Film with Memorable Jump Scares

Synopsis and Review of Ivanna (2022) – A Classic Horror Film with Memorable Jump Scares

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Ivanna (2022) is one of the most anticipated horror films in Indonesia, and it finally premiered on June 14, 2022, much to the excitement of horror fans. Directed by Kimo Stamboel and part of the Danur Universe, the film is based on Risa Saraswati’s novel “Ivanna van Dijk” and tells the story of a headless Noni Belanda ghost named Ivanna, seeking revenge for her death by terrorizing Caitlin Halderman and the residents of a nursing home in Bandung.

Unlike most horror movies that rely on jump scares and sudden sound effects, Ivanna (2022) has a classic horror vibe that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Curious about how this headless ghost can haunt people in a nursing home? Read on for a detailed synopsis and review of Ivanna (2022) below.


Set in 1943 during the Dutch colonialism era in Indonesia, Ivanna van Dijk is a Dutch girl who grew up blending in with the indigenous people. However, her life takes a tragic turn when her younger brother is viciously murdered, followed by her parents’ suicide due to grief. Ivanna is then forced to become a Japanese comfort woman and betrays her loyal friends by giving information to the Japanese through Matsuya in hopes of protecting her loved ones and the locals.

However, instead of safety, Ivanna is brutally beheaded in front of the locals while carrying her vengeance towards the traitors. Decades later, in 1993, two siblings named Ambar and Dika travel to Bandung and stay in a nursing home that belongs to their deceased parents’ friend, Bi Wati. Ambar, who has a special eye condition, can see things that others can’t after undergoing eye surgery. While exploring the basement of the adjacent building, Ambar, Dika, and Arthur discover many antiques and a terrifying headless statue.

On Eid al-Fitr, the nursing home residents gather around to listen to vinyl records taken from the basement, unaware that it will trigger the haunting of the headless Noni Belanda ghost, Ivanna. The festive occasion becomes gruesome when Nenek Ani is found decapitated, and Ambar sees detailed glimpses of Ivanna’s past. Ivanna’s goal is to get revenge on the traitors who handed her over to the Dutch and to find her missing head. “Every drop of my blood will make your life uneasy,” she warns.

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Will Ambar and the nursing home residents survive Ivanna’s wrath? Find out by watching Ivanna (2022).

Jump Scare Ikonis yang Memorable

Ivanna (2022) is among the films that fans of Indonesian horror have been eagerly waiting for as it promises a unique and different story from the Danur Universe. The film directed by Kimo Stamboel did not disappoint fans as it offers a blend of terrifying scares and gory scenes. However, what sets Ivanna (2022) apart from other horror movies is the way it executes the horror elements. Rather than relying on predictable jump scares, the film uses memorable and iconic scares, leaving a lasting impression on viewers long after they’ve seen the movie.


Ivanna (2022) is a well-executed horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its classic horror elements, gruesome scenes, and unforgettable scares, it earns its place as one of the top horror movies in Indonesia’s cinema. If you’re a fan of headless Noni Belanda ghosts and classic horror movies, you won’t want to miss Ivanna (2022) – a film that will leave you terrified and impressed all at once.

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