Synopsis and Review of Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer
Synopsis and Review of Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer

Synopsis and Review of Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer

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Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer is the 22nd movie in the Detective Conan series. The screenplay has been written by Aoyama Gosho and Takeharu Sakurai. The movie revolves around the protagonist facing a difficult situation when Koguro Mouri is framed for a bombing case in Japan.


The movie starts with the inspection of Edge of Ocean, a luxurious resort that is going to host an international congress. However, during the inspection, the place explodes, killing many personnel from the public security bureau and injuring two security members, Amuro Toru and Kazami Yuya.

The explosion is initially ruled as an accident, but Kazami finds fingerprints of Kogoro Mouri at the spot, making him a suspect in the case. This revelation shocks everyone, and Kogoro is subsequently arrested.

Conan finds out about Kogoro’s arrest and tries to intervene in the investigation, but Kazami presents evidence found in Kogoro’s computer, further incriminating him. Ran seeks Eri’s help to clear Kogoro’s name, but to no avail.

A freelance lawyer named Tachibana Kyouko offers to represent Kogoro, and the investigation reveals that the gas flow system connected to the restaurant’s stove could be operated through an Internet of Things (IoT)-supported software named Nor. It turns out that Kogoro had the said software on his device.

On the day of the international congress, all devices connected to the internet undergo a malfunction, leading to a catastrophe. However, since Kogoro was already under arrest, it becomes apparent that he is not responsible for the recent events.

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Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer is an action-packed, dramatic movie with an intriguing storyline. The movie has a good pace, and the character arcs are well written. The movie takes the audience on a thrilling ride with its well-executed action scenes, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

The animation is top-notch, and the voice acting is incredibly convincing. The movie’s soundtrack is also commendable, adding to the movie’s overall atmosphere.

One of the significant merits of the movie is its ability to develop a storyline that keeps the audience engaged throughout. The characters are well defined, and their motivations are well portrayed.

The movie continues the series’s tradition of incorporating mystery elements, effectively keeping the audience guessing about the outcome. The movie has seen considerable commercial success and has been praised by both critics and audiences alike.


In conclusion, Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer is an enthralling movie with a captivating storyline that keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end. The movie is a prime example of superb animation, acting, and music that only add to its already brilliant storyline. With its intriguing storyline and well-executed action sequences, this movie is perfect for all age groups and is indeed worth watching.

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