Synopsis and Review of "A Simple Favor" – A Comedic Twist to a Thrilling Mystery
Synopsis and Review of "A Simple Favor" – A Comedic Twist to a Thrilling Mystery

Synopsis and Review of “A Simple Favor” – A Comedic Twist to a Thrilling Mystery

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“A Simple Favor” is a 2018 mystery-comedy movie directed by Paul Feig, starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Henry Golding. This film opens with Stephanie, a vlogger, talking about her missing friend, Emily. Stephanie is a single parent, always helpful and cheerful, while Emily is a busy career woman, always elegant. Stephanie and Emily become close friends, and Emily even lets Stephanie and her son move into her home after her disappearance. However, Stephanie starts to notice strange things happening and becomes convinced that Emily is still alive.

As she begins her investigation, Stephanie uncovers Emily’s twin sister, whose tragic death Emily faked to claim insurance money. Emily confesses to murdering her sister and manipulating Stephanie and Sean, Emily’s ex-husband, into covering up her crime. The movie ends with Emily returning to her home, and Sean and Stephanie working together to bring Emily to justice.

“A Simple Favor” is a unique film that combines comedy with thriller, creating a refreshing and entertaining watch for the audience. The characters are witty, and their interactions are often comedic, resulting in unpredictable and exciting scenes. Despite the light-hearted tone, this film’s mystery theme retains the audience’s attention, making them feel like they are joining Stephanie on her journey to uncover the truth.

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The Cast, the Director, and the Plot

The cast of this film delivers outstanding performances, with Anna Kendrick portraying Stephanie as a charming, determined, and righteous character. Blake Lively’s portrayal of Emily, with all her manipulative and quirky personality traits, is impressive and believable. Furthermore, Henry Golding’s character as Sean provides additional intrigue to the storyline.

Director Paul Feig brings a unique twist to the mystery genre by combining it with humor. The storyline has several twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing until the end. Its pacing is spot on, with the right amount of humor, suspense, and excitement in every scene.


Overall, “A Simple Favor” is an enjoyable and engaging film that audience of all ages can enjoy. It’s a perfect blend of wit, humor, and suspense that will keep you entertained. The cast and director have done an excellent job in creating an entertaining movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun yet thrilling watch.

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