Struggling to Make Money? Try These Money Making Games
Struggling to Make Money? Try These Money Making Games

Struggling to Make Money? Try These Money Making Games

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Gamers around the world often hear that playing games is a waste of time. However, that isn’t always true. Imagine, what if you could play games and make money at the same time. Sounds interesting, right? So, here are some games that will not only entertain you but also help you earn some real money.

1. Market Glory

Market Glory is a game from Romania that enables you to make money while playing it. The game allows you to run your own city, build businesses, secure the government, work, and so on, all with the aim of making a virtual profit that can be converted into real money. You can transfer the funds either to your bank account or Paypal account.

2. Golden Towns

Golden Towns is a game that requires you to complete missions like building a city, working, and battling with other towns, just like in Market Glory. Upon completing the missions, you’ll earn virtual money that can be converted into real money, either via bank transfer or Paypal. What’s even more exciting is that you have a chance to win a bonus of one kilogram of 24-carat gold without any investment.

3. Oh Crop!

If you’ve played Plant vs Zombies, you’ll enjoy this one. In Oh Crop!, you have to fight and destroy evil plants; if you’re ranked in the top 15 players each week, you win money in bitcoin.

4. Dungeons and Treasures

This game requires you to explore dungeons and collect gold, but it’s not easy as monsters will try to stop you. After you collect gold, you can exchange it for dollars every month.

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5. Entropia Universe

Entropia is an old game but can still deliver real money. Developed by MindArk, the game offers $25,000, equivalent to 333 million Indonesian Rupiah, to players who successfully build and complete an island.

6. Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most popular PC games in the world, and its tournament, The International (TI), contributes to its title as the game that most pays players. Players can earn money not only by joining tournaments but also by buying and selling in-game items, where some items like Legacy Ethereal Flame Wardog can cost up to Rp500,000,000.

7. Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer or PES, a popular esport game, was included in the 2018 Asian Games. One of PES’s players, Rizky Faidan, has won national and international tournaments.

These games are not the only ones that can make you money. With many games available and the vastness of the gaming industry, you can always find ways to turn your passion into profits. So, what are you waiting for? Play the game that you like the most, unleash your potential, and make the most of the money making games.

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