Solo Leveling Anime Release Delayed to 2024: Sung Jin-woo's Name Change Controversy
Solo Leveling Anime Release Delayed to 2024: Sung Jin-woo's Name Change Controversy

Solo Leveling Anime Release Delayed to 2024: Sung Jin-woo’s Name Change Controversy

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Solo Leveling, one of the most anticipated anime releases of the year, has been delayed further, disappointing fans who have been eagerly waiting for the adaptation of this popular manhwa. A-1 Pictures, the studio responsible for adapting the manhwa into anime, recently released new concept art featuring characters from the series. Unfortunately, they also announced that the anime’s release would be postponed until 2024, as the studio’s staff was significantly impacted by Covid-19. Initially announced in July 2022, the anime was scheduled for release in 2023. Now, fans must wait approximately nine more months before they can finally watch the animated adaptation of Sung Jin-woo’s adventures.

As if this wasn’t enough bad news, Solo Leveling fans must now grapple with a potential name change for the main character. A reliable Twitter account, @king_jin_woo, reported that Sung Jin-woo’s name in the anime will be changed to Shun Mizushino. While there has been no official confirmation regarding this information, fans can’t help but hope that it’s just a rumor. It is uncommon for manhwa-to-anime adaptations to change characters’ names, especially the protagonist’s.

Solo Leveling is set in a world where Hunters must face monsters from another dimension. These Hunters are ordinary humans with extraordinary superpowers, tasked with protecting humanity from the monstrous threat. Sung Jin-woo, initially the weakest Hunter in the world, finds himself in a life-or-death struggle as he strives to survive and grow stronger.

First written as a webnovel by Chugong, Solo Leveling debuted on KakaoPage in July 2016 before being adapted into a webtoon in March 2018, featuring art by Dubu, the CEO of Redice Studio. The manhwa concluded in December 2021 with 179 chapters. However, following Dubu’s death due to a brain hemorrhage on July 23, 2022, the manhwa was revived in January 2023 as a spin-off series dedicated to the late artist.
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A-1 Pictures has also released a teaser trailer for Solo Leveling, showcasing the weak and fragile Jin-woo, ranked as an E-class Hunter, facing seemingly insurmountable odds in a treacherous dungeon. The trailer hints at Jin-woo’s transformation, as his initially meek appearance is later replaced by shining, confident eyes. The name change controversy only adds to fans’ concerns for the future of the anime adaptation, as they hope to see their beloved protagonist remain true to his original character in the Solo Leveling world.

In conclusion, Solo Leveling fans have had a rollercoaster of emotions as they anxiously await the anime release, now postponed to 2024. With potential changes to the main character’s name adding to their disappointment, fans can only hope that the adaptation will ultimately live up to their high expectations. Until then, they will continue to follow the adventures of Sung Jin-woo — or potentially Shun Mizushino — through the manhwa, spin-off series, and patiently await the anime’s release.

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