Sengoku saves Garp in One Piece 1083: Blackbeard vs. SWORD
Sengoku saves Garp in One Piece 1083: Blackbeard vs. SWORD

Sengoku saves Garp in One Piece 1083: Blackbeard vs. SWORD

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One Piece 1083 reveals Garp’s situation as he is cornered by Kurohige on Hachinosu Island. In what seems like a hopeless situation, former Laksamana Armada Sengoku arrives to save him. The arrival of Sengoku on Hachinosu results in a balanced fight between Blackbeard’s pirates and SWORD, where Garp, Sengoku, and SWORD battle against Kurohige and his crew. But how did Sengoku know about Garp’s location on Hachinosu? Let’s dive into One Piece 1082 to find out.

In One Piece 1082, we see important characters in the Grand Navy Headquarters, including former Laksamana Armada Sengoku and Wakil Laksamana Tsuru. While eating, they discuss the killing of Laksamana Muda T Bone by the Cross Guild. During the conversation, Senghoku asks Hina about Garp’s whereabouts, which surprises him. This is where Sengoku learns that SWORD alone cannot handle Kurohige and his crew on Hachinosu.

One Piece Chapter 1082 also features Yonkou Buggy giving a reward from the Cross Guild for T Bone’s killer. He adds that the civilians should hunt more to get better rewards. However, Mihawk and Crocodile are enraged by Buggy’s new appearance, which resembles a circus tent and a doll. Buggy proclaims his feelings to the Cross Guild, and the members cheer, making Mihawk angry. Meanwhile, Sabo returns to the Tentara Revolusioner, confirming that he is alive, and warns Emporio Ivankov and Monkey D. Dragon about something important that happened during the Insiden Reverie.

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In conclusion, One Piece 1083 shows how Garp, Sengoku, and SWORD work together to face Kurohige and Blackbeard’s pirates on Hachinosu Island. Sengoku’s arrival is a game-changer for SWORD, as they could not win against Kurohige alone. Also, One Piece 1082 sets the stage for the events that lead to Garp’s difficult situation on Hachinosu, as Sengoku learns about it while discussing the Cross Guild’s actions. However, the chapter also reveals some pleasant surprises, such as Sabo’s return to the Tentara Revolusioner and his plan to inform his comrades about the Insiden Reverie.
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