Sexy Villains in Anime That Give The Protagonists A Run for Their Money
Sexy Villains in Anime That Give The Protagonists A Run for Their Money

Sexy Villains in Anime That Give The Protagonists A Run for Their Money

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When it comes to anime and manga, villains can be as intriguing and fascinating as their protagonist counterparts. In fact, sometimes they can even be more attractive and alluring with their striking appearances compared to the main characters. These villains have fans rooting for them despite their cruelty and evil intentions, and it’s not just because they are good looking. However, their appearance can be deceiving. No matter how handsome, beautiful, or sexy, these villains still possess red flags that make them undesirable and dangerous.

Here are some of the sexiest villains in anime that outshine their heroic counterparts:

10. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa — Bungou Stray Dogs

When it comes to Atsushi Nakajima, the protagonist of Bungou Stray Dogs, he is polite, kind, and average-looking. In contrast, his partner and occasional enemy, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa, is more intriguing. Ryuunosuke presents himself as a charming and elegant young man, but his powers and ties to the mafia suggest otherwise. His mature appearance and tsundere personality make him all the more attractive compared to Atsushi.

9. Griffith — Berserk

Griffith may have betrayed everyone he once cared for in the cruelest way possible, but there is no denying he has an angelic appearance. With his flowing white hair, muscular physique, and glowing eyes, he looks more like an angel than a villain. In comparison, the protagonist, Guts, resembles a soldier returning from battle with injuries and a tired face. It’s easy to mistake the angelic Griffith as the hero and the battle-worn Guts as the enemy.

8. Shogo Makishima — Psycho-Pass

One of the most manipulative and charismatic villains in anime is Shogo Makishima. His intelligence and physical attributes make him a fascinating character to watch. In Psycho-Pass, Shogo stands out with his dapper white suit, tie, and neat hair. His appearance portrays him as a distinguished professor rather than a psychopath. He looks much more attractive than the rugged Shinya Kogami or innocent Akane Tsunemori.

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7. Itachi Uchiha — Naruto

Naruto is known for having many interesting villains with formidable powers. But, when it comes to appearance, Itachi Uchiha is the most attractive. He exudes a calm and peaceful aura with his striking red eyes, long tied-back hair, and distinctive forehead protector. Even his younger brother, Sasuke, cannot match Itachi’s irresistible charm.

6. Makima — Chainsaw Man

Makima is one of the sexiest villains in anime, and this is evident from a steamy scene in the Chainsaw Man anime. Her striking appearance, sophisticated look, and soft-spoken voice can captivate anyone. Makima is always dressed elegantly, and her perfectly-styled hair adds to her already intriguing personality. Her appearance is miles ahead of the messy, unkempt hairstyle of the protagonist, Denji.

5. Dabi — My Hero Academia

Dabi has captured the hearts of many viewers, with his mysterious and dangerous appearance. With his fire powers, icy glare, and striking pale blue hair, Dabi has quickly become a fan-favorite villain in My Hero Academia. Compared to the protagonist, Dabi’s dark and brooding appearance makes him far more intriguing.

In conclusion, the appearance of an anime villain can be just as important as their personality and abilities. These villains are memorable not only for their cruelty and villainous deeds but also for their striking appearances that leave fans wanting more. But it is important to remember that their looks can be deceiving and their true intentions much darker, giving us all the more reason to root for the heroic protagonists.

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