Sasuke's Whereabouts in the Boruto Manga: Theories and Speculation
Sasuke's Whereabouts in the Boruto Manga: Theories and Speculation

Sasuke’s Whereabouts in the Boruto Manga: Theories and Speculation

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Sasuke’s disappearance in the Boruto manga has left fans curious and eager to uncover the truth. With his whereabouts unknown, various theories have emerged, shedding light on the possibilities of his current situation. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing theories surrounding Sasuke’s disappearance and discuss the events leading up to his potential entrapment.

Two years ago, an event unfolded involving Boruto, Sasuke, and Code, which serves as the catalyst for Sasuke’s current predicament. During their encounter, Tsumeaka, a fierce beast driven by instinct and known for preying on Otsutsuki members, appears. In Chapter 2 of the manga, Tsumeaka mentions Kawaki Otsutsuki, sparking curiosity about his connection to Sasuke’s disappearance.

According to a popular theory, Sasuke may have saved Boruto from Tsumeaka, sacrificing himself in the process. It is believed that Sasuke instructed Boruto to escape from Code and Tsumeaka’s pursuit, while he remained behind to confront them. This theory suggests that Sasuke’s act of bravery resulted in his entrapment and subsequent disappearance.

Tsumeaka’s unique ability to absorb the chakra of its victims further fuels this theory. Fans speculate that once Tsumeaka bites its victims, it can prevent them from escaping until their chakra is completely depleted, ultimately leading to their demise. This raises concerns about Sasuke’s well-being and adds to the mystery of his current location.

While it is still uncertain whether Sasuke is indeed trapped by Tsumeaka, the possibility exists. Fans continue to theorize about Sasuke’s actions and whereabouts, hoping for answers in upcoming chapters of the Boruto manga. The suspense and curiosity surrounding Sasuke’s disappearance have ignited discussions among fans, allowing them to share their own theories and interpretations.

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Theories aside, the focus on Sasuke’s whereabouts highlights the impact his character has had on the Boruto manga. As one of the most beloved and iconic characters from the Naruto series, Sasuke’s presence is sorely missed. His dynamic with Boruto and the role he plays in the plot make his absence even more noticeable.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Sasuke’s disappearance in the Boruto manga continues to captivate fans. The theories and speculation surrounding his whereabouts add an extra layer of intrigue to the storyline. As readers eagerly await the next chapters, the hope for Sasuke’s safe return remains strong. For now, fans can only ponder the possibilities and eagerly share their own theories and opinions on the matter.

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