Countering the Pika Pika no Mi: The Best Devil Fruits in One Piece
Countering the Pika Pika no Mi: The Best Devil Fruits in One Piece

Countering the Pika Pika no Mi: The Best Devil Fruits in One Piece

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In the captivating world of One Piece, Devil Fruits grant incredible powers to their consumers. One such Devil Fruit is the Pika Pika no Mi, which bestows the ability to control light upon its user. Borsalino, also known as Kizaru, is the lucky recipient of this formidable power, granting him the ability to move at the speed of light. However, as with any power, there are always countermeasures that can be taken. Let’s explore the best Devil Fruits in One Piece that can counter or handle the powers of the Pika Pika no Mi, creating thrilling battles filled with strategic elements.

One Devil Fruit that poses a potential threat to the Pika Pika no Mi is the Goro Goro no Mi, consumed by Enel. This fruit gives Enel the power to control lightning, which has the potential to overcome Kizaru’s incredible speed. Lightning strikes in an instant, easily matching the velocity of light, and with Enel’s control over this natural phenomenon, he poses a significant challenge to Borsalino.

Another formidable Devil Fruit that can neutralize the powers of the Pika Pika no Mi is the Hie Hie no Mi, consumed by Aokiji. This fruit allows Aokiji to control ice, which can be used to freeze light. By manipulating the temperature, Aokiji can create ice barriers or freeze the light emitted by Kizaru, effectively limiting his abilities and leveling the playing field.

Smoker, on the other hand, wields the power of the Moku Moku no Mi, enabling him to produce and manipulate smoke. This smoke can obscure or envelop light, hindering Borsalino’s control and visibility. The ability to manipulate smoke provides Smoker with a tactical advantage, allowing him to create an environment where Kizaru’s speed is less effective and his movements can be predicted.

Crocodile, a cunning antagonist, possesses the Suna Suna no Mi. This fruit grants him control over sand, which can absorb light or manipulate the battlefield. By engulfing the area in sand, Crocodile can create a disadvantageous situation for Borsalino, disrupting his control over light and impeding his movements.

Admiral Sengoku wields the devastating power of the Gura Gura no Mi, allowing him to create earthquakes. These earthquakes can manipulate the battlefield, potentially affecting Kizaru’s speed. The tremors and disruptions caused by Sengoku’s power can also create obstacles that hinder Borsalino’s movements, providing a tactical advantage for the Admiral.

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Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, possesses the Yami Yami no Mi, a Devil Fruit with the ability to control and absorb darkness. Darkness has the potential to counter or neutralize light, and Blackbeard’s ability to harness this power puts him in a favorable position against Borsalino’s Pika Pika no Mi.

Admiral Akainu commands the power of the Magu Magu no Mi, granting him control over magma. Magma can be used to destroy or alter the nature of light. By utilizing this destructive force, Admiral Akainu can combat Kizaru’s control over light, potentially overpowering him in their battle.

The diverse Devil Fruits in the world of One Piece provide an array of unique and strategic abilities to counter the Pika Pika no Mi. These abilities not only level the playing field but also add depth and excitement to the battles in the anime. The clash between these formidable powers keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering who will emerge victorious in the ultimate test of strength and wit.

In conclusion, the powers of the Pika Pika no Mi in One Piece may seem overwhelming, but there are Devil Fruits that can counter or handle this formidable ability. Enel’s lightning control, Aokiji’s ice manipulation, Smoker’s smoke-producing capabilities, Crocodile’s sand control, Admiral Sengoku’s ability to create earthquakes, Blackbeard’s power over darkness, and Admiral Akainu’s control over magma all provide unique challenges to Borsalino’s control over light. With such a diverse range of Devil Fruits, battles in the One Piece world are filled with excitement, strategy, and unexpected twists.

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