Sabo's Awakening of Mera Mera no Mi in One Piece 1084
Sabo's Awakening of Mera Mera no Mi in One Piece 1084

Sabo’s Awakening of Mera Mera no Mi in One Piece 1084

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In the latest episode of One Piece 1084, titled “Sabo’s Arrival,” fans are in for an action-packed treat. The episode features Kepala staff Pasukan Revolusi, Sabo, who is said to appear in Egghead to save Luffy’s life. As Luffy’s life hangs in the balance after being attacked by Gorosei and facing a buster call, Sabo rushes to Egghead with Luffy’s vivre card, which starts to burn, indicating that the Straw Hat captain is in great danger.

Despite awakening the power of Nika’s devil fruit, Luffy proves no match against Gorosei Saturn and Admiral Kizaru. Luffy’s crew can’t assist their captain as they’re busy fighting Seraphim and several vice admirals. In the midst of desperation, Sabo finally arrives at Egghead after leaving Pasukan Revolusi beneath him.

As a user of Mera Mera no Mi, Sabo has the privilege of being able to move independently like Ace. However, he’s shocked to see Luffy half-dead, reminiscent of Ace’s demise. Moreover, Ace’s strong desire to save Luffy in his final moments was passed on to Sabo through the devil fruit, which has its own consciousness. Since Ace had mastered Mera Mera no Mi, some of Ace’s consciousness was passed on to the devil fruit, too. That’s why Sabo doesn’t need much time to master it, as Ace wanted Sabo to inherit the devil fruit.

Sabo realizes that his power isn’t enough to save Luffy. With a strong desire to get stronger and save Luffy and the factors above, Sabo can awaken his Mera Mera no Mi. It’s the first time that a logia-type devil fruit has awakened in the history of One Piece. The awakening of Sabo’s Mera Mera no Mi allows him to create black flames, known to be from hell, which can burn anything to ashes, just like amaterasu’s technique in the Naruto series. Moreover, the heat from Sabo’s flames after awakening exceeded the heat from Akainu’s magma.
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Sabo launches the black flame attack at Kizaru and Gorosei, who try to injure Luffy. Although Kizaru eats the logia devil fruit, Sabo’s attack still wounds him. To avoid further pain, Kizaru cuts off his arm so that Sabo’s flames don’t spread. After witnessing this, Gorosei decides to retreat back to Marijoa. Unfortunately, Saint Saturn wants to leave Egghead, but he faces Pasukan Revolusi, led by Dragon.

In conclusion, One Piece 1084 gives us Sabo’s awakening of Mera Mera no Mi. Sabo can unlock its maximum potential to save Luffy, and the fans can look forward to more action in the future.

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