The Revealing Truth About Ratu Lily and Will of D in One Piece Chapter 1084
The Revealing Truth About Ratu Lily and Will of D in One Piece Chapter 1084

The Revealing Truth About Ratu Lily and Will of D in One Piece Chapter 1084

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In the latest installment of One Piece Chapter 1084, viewers are in for a treat as revelations about Ratu Lily’s disappearance and the Will of D are discussed. Ratu Lily, the leader of the Alabasta Kingdom 800 years ago, was involved in the formation of the World Government during the Void Century. The chapter also explores Raja Cobra’s confusion about the Will of D mentioned in a letter from Ratu Lily.

As they converse with the Gorosei, Im Sama suddenly appears and shocks everyone, including Raja Cobra. The big question is whether Raja Cobra will be killed after learning the history of Ratu Lily and the meaning of the Will of D from Im Sama. Meanwhile, Sabo is curious about the special room mentioned by the Pangean guard and may lead us to the next chapter.

Raja Cobra’s visit to Crawvery was not just to attend an invitation but also to learn about Alabasta’s past during the Void Century. As the chapter progresses, we find out what the Gorosei wanted to ask.

In the past, there was a great war between the ancient kingdom and the 20 kingdoms during the Void Century, which is now known as the World Government. The alliance of 20 kingdoms led by Ratu Lily won the fierce battle. Interestingly, the leader of the ancient kingdom was named Joy Boy, and Im Sama was appointed as a member of the 20 Kingdoms Alliance.

Joy Boy’s dream was to unite all the races and live in peace, which resulted in the conflict. Ratu Lily, who initially sided with the 20 kingdoms, suddenly changed her mind and chose to save the ancient kingdom. Unfortunately, she was betrayed and marked as a traitor by Im Sama. Ratu Lily was attacked by the 20 kingdoms’ army but was saved by a Kuno kingdom citizen who is none other than Joy Boy himself.

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Joy Boy managed to rescue Lily and took her to a deserted island named Amazon Lili, which was inhabited by the all-female pirate crew, Kuja. Joy Boy didn’t go to the Alabasta Kingdom to ensure that it wasn’t destroyed. The current chief, Nyoba, stated that the previous queen died of the love virus, which makes you think of someone you cannot see dragging you toward death.

From this chapter, it seems that Ratu Lily and Joy Boy had a serious relationship, and Ratu Lily was grateful to Joy Boy for saving her. The history of the Will of D seems to be linked to the Void Century’s ancient kingdom and Joy Boy’s wish for peace. One Piece Chapter 1084 disclosed information that definitely keeps readers eager to find out more.

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