Review Film Shattered: A Thrilling Story of a Psycopath
Review Film Shattered: A Thrilling Story of a Psycopath

Review Film Shattered: A Thrilling Story of a Psycopath

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Shattered is a thrilling movie directed by Luis Prieto and written by David Loughrey. This thriller movie, which was released in early 2022, features a great cast, including Cameron Monaghan, Frank Grillo, Lily Krug, John Malkovich and many others.

The story revolves around the life of Chris (Cameron Monaghan), a successful IT freak who has decided to retire early due to his wealthy status. Although his career is smooth, his love life is in turmoil. Chris is married to a woman named Jamie (Sasha Luss) and they have a beautiful daughter. However, because of their incompatibility, Chris and Jamie decide to separate, and the proceedings are ongoing. However, Jamie still cares about Chris.

One night, after exercising, Chris goes to a supermarket to shop. There he meets a girl named Skyler (Lily Krug) who is confused about choosing a wine. Chris, who has a hobby of collecting wine, offers to help, even inviting Sky to go home with him. When they arrive at Sky’s apartment, Chris sees Sky standing silently in front of a room. When asked, Sky says that she doesn’t want to go back inside because her roommate, Lisa (Ash Santos), is crazy. After hearing this, Chris invites Sky to come to his house.

From that moment on, Chris and Sky’s relationship becomes closer, and they spend the night together. However, the next day, Chris finds that Sky is no longer in her room. She returns to her apartment, where she fights with Lisa, who turns out to be her lover.

Chris searches for Sky’s whereabouts at the cafe where she works, and he spends time with her there. When Chris is about to go home, he is attacked by a man who tries to steal his car, breaking his leg. Feeling guilty, Sky offers to become Chris’s personal nurse rather than hiring a nurse he doesn’t know. Chris agrees, even giving Sky the passcode to his house. He is happy to have Sky with him.

When Chris falls asleep, Sky goes back to her apartment. There, she fights with Lisa again but ends up having make-up sex. When Chris wakes up, he is confused because his phone is missing, and he can’t find Sky at home. Chris is shocked to see the news that Lisa has died.

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Sky returns home, and Chris asks her the news. However, Sky continues eating her fried chicken, ignoring Chris’s question. Sky then says that she was the one who killed Lisa. Chris is shocked, and he tries to kick Sky out, but Sky overpowers him.

Chris is tied up in a chair, and he can’t escape, especially since Sky has taken his phone and controls all the security systems in his house. She then breaks Chris’s leg to get all the passwords to access his bank account so that she can empty all of Chris’s savings.

The next day, Sky asks Chris to hold an online meeting with shareholders and intermediaries to liquidate all his shares so that Sky can use them to open her own bar. Ronald (John Malkovich), the owner of the apartment where Lisa lived, sees it all.

Ronald then visits Chris’s house, hoping to help him escape in return for a reward. However, Sky kills Ronald. Meanwhile, Chris gets a chance to escape, but he gets caught by Sky’s stepfather Sebastian (Frank Grillo), who finds Chris trying to escape. Chris is then taken captive, and his thumb is cut off to give them access to a $14 million bond.

Soon after, Chris’s wife and daughter, Jamie and Willow, come to visit him. They find the house empty, and they soon realize that Sky has taken Chris and has evil intentions for him.

In conclusion, Shattered is an exciting movie that keeps its audience on the edge of their seats with a great storyline and outstanding performances from its actors. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves a thrilling and suspenseful movie.

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