Kidnapping Stella Movie Synopsis: A Story About A Former Couple and A Terrifying Kidnapping
Kidnapping Stella Movie Synopsis: A Story About A Former Couple and A Terrifying Kidnapping

Kidnapping Stella Movie Synopsis: A Story About A Former Couple and A Terrifying Kidnapping

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Kidnapping Stella, a 2019 movie directed by Thomas Sieben, offers a thrilling and horrifying tale about a kidnapping that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie takes place mostly in one room, making the audience feel like they are experiencing the dramatic events unfold firsthand.


The film opens with two men named Tom and Vic preparing for a kidnapping. Tom is hesitant about going through with the plan, but Vic reassures him they are doing the right thing. They kidnap a young woman named Stella and take her to a dark room. Stella is tied up and has her mouth duct-taped shut so she cannot resist.

Tom and Vic wear masks when entering the room so Stella cannot recognize their faces. Vic demands Stella’s father’s phone number and email to ask for a ransom. While Vic goes to handle the ransom, Tom is responsible for watching over Stella periodically. When Tom checks on Stella, she asks to use the restroom. Tom temporarily unties her feet, but Stella surprises him by attacking him when he lets his guard down.

Tom’s mask falls off, and Stella is shocked to see that Tom is her ex-boyfriend. They struggle, but Tom ultimately restrains Stella again and warns her not to tell Vic they know each other if they want to survive. Tom leaves the room and lies to Vic that everything is going smoothly. Meanwhile, Vic informs Tom that Stella’s father will not pay the ransom and plans to cut off Stella’s fingers as a warning. However, Stella begs Vic and tells him she is pregnant.
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Tom has to defend his former lover Stella from Vic and the rest of the story unfolds with an unexpected twist. Vic kills Tom, and the desperate Stella kills Vic in self-defense with a gun she finds in Tom’s car. In the end, Stella manages to escape with the ransom money found in Vic’s car.

The Planning and Execution

Getting Caught Up

The Final Showdown


Kidnapping Stella is a thrilling and highly engaging movie for individuals who relish the suspense and mystery genre. If you are looking for an action-packed movie about a terrifying kidnapping and the former lovers who ultimately become freedom fighters, this movie is for you. The storyline is well-written, and the actors deliver convincing performances that keep the audience immersed in the film.

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