The Theory of Devil Fruits Reincarnation in One Piece
The Theory of Devil Fruits Reincarnation in One Piece

The Theory of Devil Fruits Reincarnation in One Piece

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As fans of the manga and anime series One Piece already know, when the user of a Devil Fruit dies, the fruit will undergo a cycle of reincarnation. This means that the Devil Fruit will be reborn into a new fruit without a user. But have you ever wondered how this reincarnation process works in the One Piece world? In this article, we will explore the theory behind the reincarnation of Devil Fruits in One Piece.

The theory that we will be discussing was compiled by Patriotour It became popular after the death of Smiley, a Jelly Salamander created by Caesar Clown using a dangerous gas, in the series. Smiley was able to exist thanks to the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl Devil Fruit.

Upon Smiley’s death, several fruits were near its vicinity. Suddenly, the Devil Fruit entered one of the fruits and transformed it into a Devil Fruit. This incident suggests that when the user of a Devil Fruit dies, its power will enter the nearest fruit. This is the reason why members of the Blackbeard Pirates always carry apples. There is a possibility that when Burgess attempted to kill Luffy, he brought fruits with him so that the power of Hito Hito no Mi Model Nikan, which Luffy ate, would end up in the fruit.

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If this theory is accurate, it also means that Doflamingo had a fruit in his possession during the war in Marineford, and the power of the Mera Mera no Mi entered the fruit as Ace, its user, was killed by Akainu.

Devil Fruits are the source of power in the world of One Piece. They give people special abilities and strengths once eaten. As such, when they lose their user, it is said that they will be reborn, and this theory suggests that they will find the nearest fruit. This concept is both perplexing and unique for fans of the series.

In conclusion, the theory of Devil Fruits reincarnation in One Piece is a captivating idea worth discussing among fans of the series. The way they reincarnate and their power entering the nearest fruit is a fascinating topic and adds another layer of complexity to the already intricate story of One Piece.

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