One Piece’s Shocking Revelation: Rockstar is actually Rocks D. Xebec

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For One Piece fans, the recent revelation of Rockstar’s true identity has come as a complete shock. The seemingly unimportant member of the Red Hair Pirates has been revealed to be none other than the legendary captain of the Rocks Pirates, Rocks D. Xebec.

It’s hard to accept at first glance because Rockstar is merely a subordinate in the crew led by Shanks, one of the Yonko. In contrast, Rocks D. Xebec is one of the most notorious and powerful pirates in One Piece’s history, renowned for the fearsome strength of his crew members. However, solid evidence has finally surfaced, confirming that Rockstar and Xebec are the same person, and it has a significant connection to Shanks.

In One Piece, information about Shanks is scarce, and the character remains shrouded in mystery. However, a leaked Reddit forum reveals that there is more to Shanks than meets the eye. According to this forum, Shanks is actually the son of Rocks D. Xebec, which explains Rockstar’s motive for joining the Red Hair Pirates. He was on a mission to protect and stay close to Xebec’s son. This is a bold claim, and it’s convincing because Xebec and Rockstar share similar faces and hairstyles.

Both have the same signature red hair color as Shanks, adding more evidence to the theory. Furthermore, Rockstar showed his courage by picking a fight with Whitebeard in the past, a clear indication of his Luffy-like audacity. With this information, the theory surrounding Shanks’s past and his relationship with Rocks D. Xebec only grows stronger.
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Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka behind One Piece, has confirmed in past interviews and SBS volumes that Rockstar is a powerful character despite not being an executive. Oda named several executive officers like Limejuice, Bonk Punch and Hongo, letting fans know that Rockstar does not hold an executive position. Rockstar referred to himself as a “rookie” when he visited Whitebeard’s crew, which is an interesting choice of words since that’s the term used to refer to Luffy and his peers.

The theory about Shanks’s past and his true identity has been the talk of many One Piece fan circles. However, take this theory as just fan speculation, and only wait for Oda to confirm or deny these claims. Nevertheless, these theories only add to the excitement and complexity of the One Piece universe, and it proves that the story of One Piece still holds many mysteries yet to be uncovered.

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