Exploring Seven Interesting Facts About Meliodas - Nanatsu no Taizai's Protagonist
Exploring Seven Interesting Facts About Meliodas - Nanatsu no Taizai's Protagonist

Exploring Seven Interesting Facts About Meliodas – Nanatsu no Taizai’s Protagonist

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Meliodas – the leader of The Seven Deadly Sins and the protagonist of the anime series Nanatsu no Taizai – is a complex character with a rich history. As a demon, Meliodas has lived for over three thousand years, far beyond the lifespan of his kin. Alongside his love for Elizabeth, his story has many interesting and unique aspects. Here are seven intriguing facts that you may not know about Meliodas.

1. Meliodas: One of The Oldest Demons

Inquisitr.com revealed that demons typically live up to 1000 years. However, Meliodas is a special case. He is a direct descendant of the Demon King and has an immortality curse that has kept him alive for more than three millennia. The curse ensures that he cannot die, even if his heart is destroyed. Meliodas’s immortality has ensured that he witnesses Elizabeth’s death repeatedly, which is a heavy torment.

2. Meliodas: Cursed By Love

Meliodas was notoriously known as the most violent demon in history before meeting Elizabeth. After defying his family and his race to protect Elizabeth, they were both cursed by the Demon King and the Supreme Deity. For Meliodas, the curse meant that he would live forever. For Elizabeth, it meant having to reincarnate eternally and die repeatedly in front of Meliodas, which is an immense torture for him.

3. Boar Hat: Meliodas’s Original Bar

After being falsely accused by the holy knights, Meliodas was forced to leave his kingdom. He then established his bar, named the Boar Hat, where he served his customers with his extensive selection of alcohol. Unfortunately, the food he served was disgusting, and his unconcern for his customers’ satisfaction was evident. Furthermore, he had to sell his sacred sword, Lostvayne, for capital, which later became an integral part of the plot.


4. Merlin and Druids: Sealing Meliodas’s Power

Meliodas often struggles to control his emotions surrounding Elizabeth. This led to Merlin and the Druids taking precautions and surmising some of Meliodas’s powers. This was done to prevent him from losing control and accidentally destroying everything around him and causing destruction to the kingdom. Passing a test where he did not lose it upon Elizabeth’s death earned him his strength back.

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5. The One: Escanor’s Form Defeats Meliodas

In a fight, Escanor defeated Meliodas in his demon form. After escaping from Melascula’s cocoon of darkness, Meliodas’s kind nature was missing, making him incredibly aggressive towards Elizabeth. Unfortunately for Meliodas, Escanor reached The One form by noon, and although both of them were defeated, The One’s strength would overcome Meliodas’s demon form.

6. Demon Form: Meliodas’s Alter Ego

Meliodas’s personality can change quite drastically based on the level of demonic power he wields. At first, he comes off as a cheery and non-violent person only engaging with those that pick a fight with him. However, when given more demonic power, his personality can become much more aggressive and forceful.

7. Tristan: Meliodas’s Son and Liones’s King

After defeating the Demon King and Chaos, Meliodas and his group went their separate ways. Meliodas chose to marry Elizabeth and become the new king of Liones. Elizabeth gave birth to Tristan, who was revealed to be the product of a demon and a goddess. Tristan’s birth had surprised Zeldris and Gelda, as nobody thought that demons and goddesses could bear children.

In conclusion, Meliodas’s character is quite intricate and compelling. His long life, love curse, Boar Hat, power seal, demon form, and family integration all add to his personality and storyline.

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