One Piece Spoiler Alert: Gorosei Saturn Goes Wild on Egghead Island
One Piece Spoiler Alert: Gorosei Saturn Goes Wild on Egghead Island

One Piece Spoiler Alert: Gorosei Saturn Goes Wild on Egghead Island

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The latest One Piece storyline is all about the adventure on Egghead Island, where Gorosei Saturn has unleashed the full force of the government’s might on the required targets – Vegapunk and the Straw Hat crew. The buster call ordered by this elder statesman of the World Government shows the urgency the authorities in One Piece universe have to maintain the status quo, regardless of the cost.

The attacks on Egghead Island are much more severe than anything seen during the attack on Ohara. The involvement of Gorosei Saturn himself in leading the assault is a clear indication of the significance of the threat posed by the presence of Vegapunk and Monkey D Luffy. The latter, who is in possession of the legendarily powerful Nika devil fruit has attracted the attention of the ruling authorities in One Piece world. Gorosei Saturn, feared to be hundreds of years old and a master of different kinds of haki, is also a mythical zoan type devil fruit user like Luffy.

Though Vegapunk works for the World Government, he is considered too knowledgeable about the world’s ancient history. As a result, CP0 was instructed by Gorosei to execute him. However, their mission failed due to the unforeseen presence of Monkey D Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat pirates.

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The sudden appearance of the Straw Hat pirates, including Luffy, on Egghead Island prompted Gorosei Saturn to dive straight into the fray. With formidable strength and battle mastery, he decimates the Straw Hat crew and Vegapunk on sight. Despite the presence of Admiral Kizaru on the island, Gorosei Saturn’s wrathful assault proves too much to handle.

While fans of One Piece are curious as to whether Luffy and his crew will escape with their lives, it is expected that a legendary character could appear to save them. Some speculate that Scopper Gaban, a notorious pirate with incredible fighting capabilities, may make an appearance. The suspenseful and action-packed adventure on Egghead Island has left One Piece fans on edge, eager to know the final fate of the Straw Hat crew.

Let us all be excited for the next chapter of the One Piece manga and anime series. Please note that this article is for entertainment purposes only and does not aim to spoil or alter the story created by Eiichiro Oda.

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