One Piece Chapter 1079: York's Betrayal and Shanks' Advanced Observation Haki
One Piece Chapter 1079: York's Betrayal and Shanks' Advanced Observation Haki

One Piece Chapter 1079: York’s Betrayal and Shanks’ Advanced Observation Haki

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The latest installment of One Piece, chapter 1079, continues to explore the events that unfold on Egghead Island. This chapter sheds light on the intriguing collaboration between York and the World Government, unveiling surprising details about the island.

The previous chapter had revealed the identity of the mysterious traitor as York, the mastermind behind all the chaos on Egghead Island. York’s betrayal began with the leak of information about Vegapunk’s illegal research. He informed the World Government about it, hoping to obtain the research for himself. However, this betrayal backfired on York, as the World Government considered him a liability with too much knowledge of their past secrets.

Chapter 1079 also surprised fans with Blackbeard’s sudden appearance on Egghead Island. His arrival was marked by his flag, and although his intentions were unknown, his presence carried significant weight.

The surprises did not end there, as the chapter showcased a battle between the Red Hair Pirates and Kidd’s crew on Elbaf. Kid had successfully defeated the Red Hair Pirates in the previous chapter, and Shanks stepped in to confront him. In this fight, Shanks reveals a new ability, Advanced Observation Haki, which grants him the power to see into the future.
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Out of all the legendary pirates in One Piece, Shanks is one of the most skilled in mastering Haki. Using his newfound ability, Shanks easily defeats Kid and destroyed his ship, claiming a Poneglyph in the process.

The events of Chapter 1079 of One Piece continue to excite fans with their twists and turns. The chapter revealed York’s betrayal, Blackbeard’s sudden appearance, and Shanks’ unparalleled mastery of Haki. As the story progresses, fans can only look forward to more epic battles and unexpected plot twists.

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