The Mysterious Arrival of Bogard: One Piece 1090
The Mysterious Arrival of Bogard: One Piece 1090

The Mysterious Arrival of Bogard: One Piece 1090

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In the world of One Piece, the latest chapter, 1090, introduces a new character who brings a powerful presence and a mastery of high-level sword techniques. Bogard, whose sudden disappearance in chapter 1088 baffled Kurohige’s crew, arrives at the notorious pirate’s base with a mission assigned by Monkey D Garp himself.

The confusion among Kurohige’s crew lingers as they witness Bogard’s arrival. His enigmatic character and connection to Zoro remain unclear throughout the chapter, adding to the intrigue. However, one thing is certain – Bogard is on a mission to sabotage Kurohige and prevent his escape on the Saber of Xebec.

Bogard’s encounter with Kurohige’s commanders, Avalo Pizarro and Shiryu, is a display of his exceptional skills. Using three sword styles similar to Zoro’s, he effortlessly defeats both the commanders, leaving Kurohige’s crew astonished. But Bogard’s display of power doesn’t stop there.

Continuing his onslaught, Bogard takes on the other Ten Titanic Captains and 5000 of Kurohige’s crew members. His use of the legendary technique, Kamusari, surprises everyone. Not only does he possess the ability to wield it, but he also surpasses the skills of the renowned swordsman Mihawk. The mastery of Kamusari raises questions about Bogard’s possible training under Gol D Roger, adding another layer of mystery to his character.

Throughout the chapter, Garp drops hints about Bogard’s past. He mentions that Bogard has been with him since a young age, implying a long association. This sparks theories and speculation about Bogard’s origins and the extent of his abilities. Fans wonder if his connection to Zoro goes beyond mere coincidence.

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As the battle with Kurohige reaches its climax, Bogard’s intervention proves crucial. His timely action saves Garp from a deadly attack, leading to Kurohige’s ultimate defeat. The unexpected twist in Kurohige’s demise and the role Bogard plays in it leave fans in awe.

It’s important to note that the information available about Bogard’s character is limited, which further adds to the intrigue. The article aims to entertain and provide speculation about his origins and abilities.

The significance of the Kamusari technique and its possible connection to Gol D Roger is also mentioned. Fans speculate that this technique may hold the key to unraveling the mysteries of Gol D Roger’s past.

In conclusion, the arrival of Bogard in One Piece 1090 shakes up Kurohige’s crew and sets the stage for his downfall. Bogard’s enigmatic character, his connection to Zoro, and his mastery of the Kamusari technique create a sense of intrigue and anticipation among fans. As the story unfolds, avid readers eagerly await more revelations about Bogard’s origins and his possible ties to Gol D Roger.

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