One Piece Chapter 1039: The Fierce Battle of Kid and Law against Big Mom
One Piece Chapter 1039: The Fierce Battle of Kid and Law against Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 1039: The Fierce Battle of Kid and Law against Big Mom

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In the latest One Piece chapter 1038, we have witnessed a fierce battle between two of the worst generation’s fighters, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law against Big Mom. Although the three of them fought bravely, Big Mom seemed to be powerful and unbeatable even after being greatly injured. In the upcoming chapter One Piece 1039, we can expect to see the continuation of the intense battle between Kid, Law, and Big Mom.

Big Mom will be shown severely wounded, with her bones broken. However, she has the power to regenerate herself by decreasing her age by one year, thanks to her devil fruit ability Soru Soru no Mi. Despite this, Law and Kid are not ready to give up yet. Law attacks Big Mom with his deadly blow, with the remaining strength he has. The impact of Law’s attack is enough to shake the Wano country. However, Big Mom remains unbeatable. Kid follows Law’s attack with his most potent attack, using an electromagnetic cannon. Kid is entirely confident in saying that the Big Mom generation has come to an end.

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This chapter seems to be the final chapter for the Onigashima battle, including Kaido vs. Luffy and Kid and Law against Big Mom’s group. Proof towards the conclusion of the Wano arc is marked by Momonosuke’s success in driving Onigashima away from the Flower Capital.

But what will happen if Big Mom is defeated? According to source, when Big Mom was defeated by King and fell into the sea, Big Mom’s children started to fight among themselves for the Big Mom pirate name. Additionally, Whole Cake Island, which is owned by Big Mom and abandoned by her and some of her children, will be vulnerable to attacks. It’s not just about the material possessions; Big Mom possesses one of the Red Poneglyphs leading to Laugh Tale. This makes it susceptible to Kurohige and other enemies approaching and capturing Whole Cake Island.
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