One Piece 1086 Spoiler: Vegapunk's weapon to destroy Lulusia
One Piece 1086 Spoiler: Vegapunk's weapon to destroy Lulusia

One Piece 1086 Spoiler: Vegapunk’s weapon to destroy Lulusia

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Are you ready for the latest One Piece 1086 spoiler? In this chapter, Vegapunk’s weapon will destroy Lulusia, a kingdom affiliated with the World Government. The manga story also reveals that Lulusia’s fate will be sealed as it falls and crushed by the said weapon.

Kerajaan Lulusia, located in Paradise, is just a stone’s throw away from the Momoiro Island and is in the southwest of the Marine Base G-2. Ruled by King Seki, the people of Lulusia decided to revolt against him after the recent Reverie event, which was part of the Revolution of the Eight Kingdoms. They imprisoned Seki and his daughter, Princess Komane, and took control.

Unfortunately, the Onigashima Raid by Imu destroyed the kingdom, leaving no trace, and it was forgotten in history. But now, the chapter reveals that Vegapunk’s weapon will destroy the kingdom by force. The chapter is also titled “Five Elder Stars,” and other interesting information is included.

The following are the names and titles of the Five Elder Stars, gods of warriors. Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is the Scientific Defense Warrior God, while Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is the Agriculture Warrior God. Saint Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro holds the title of Finance Warrior God, while Saint Topman Valkyrie is the Law Warrior God. Finally, Saint Marcus Mars is the Environment Warrior God.
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The story also introduces Saint Imu from the Nerona family, one of the 20 First Kings who established the Ancient Alliance. Meanwhile, Mjosgard was sentenced to death by the Holy Knights, and they also showed the leader of Figarland’s family.

The One Piece manga series is released every Sunday. If there are no delays, we expect One Piece 1086 to release on Sunday, 10 June 2023. You can find the chapter on the Komikcast and Manga Plus websites or the Manga Plus app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

In conclusion, the One Piece 1086 spoiler mentions Vegapunk’s weapon and how it will destroy Lulusia, among other new and exciting details. Keep updated to catch all the new details and revelations as they become available and check out our other articles on Tribunour

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