A Complete Guide to Paper Sizes: A0, 2A0, and 4A0
A Complete Guide to Paper Sizes: A0, 2A0, and 4A0

A Complete Guide to Paper Sizes: A0, 2A0, and 4A0

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When it comes to printing, it’s essential to understand all the paper sizes available to ensure your prints come out the way you want them. The A0, 2A0, and 4A0 paper sizes are some of the biggest and most rarely used paper sizes you’ll come across. This guide will give you a complete understanding of these paper sizes and their dimensions.

A0 Paper Size

A0 is the biggest paper size in the A-series, with a size of 841mm x 1189mm. It’s an international standard size and commonly used for printing architectural drawings and posters. For your convenience, this paper size is converted into other units of measurements, including centimeters (84.1 x 118.9cm), inches (33.11 x 46.81in), and pixels.

2A0 Paper Size

As the name implies, the 2A0 paper size is twice as big as the A0 size, representing approximately 1682mm x 1189mm. Although it’s not an ISO standard size, it’s still a popular choice for printing large banners, drawings, and maps.

4A0 Paper Size

The 4A0 paper size is four times bigger than the A0 size, measuring approximately 2378mm x 1682mm. It’s an excellent choice for creating extremely large prints, such as banners and large-scale posters.

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Usage of A0 Paper Size

Due to its massive size, the A0 paper size isn’t commonly used in day-to-day printing. It’s mostly used by professionals in architecture, design, and other fields that require large prints.

How to Set A0 Size in Microsoft Word

Unfortunately, the A0 size option isn’t available in any version of Microsoft Word. However, you can still manually set it up by following these steps:

1. Open Word and click on the “Page Layout” option.
2. Click “Size” and then select “More Paper Size.”
3. Enter the A0 paper sizes as listed above in units of measurement like millimeters, centimeters, and inches.


With a complete understanding of the A0, 2A0, and 4A0 paper sizes, you can confidently select the perfect paper size for your printing needs. Remember to use these paper sizes correctly, depending on the type of print job at hand, to get the best results.

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