One Piece 1086: Is Sabo the Second Joy Boy After Luffy?
One Piece 1086: Is Sabo the Second Joy Boy After Luffy?

One Piece 1086: Is Sabo the Second Joy Boy After Luffy?

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One Piece 1086: Is Sabo the Second Joy Boy After Luffy?

The latest chapter of One Piece 1086 has left fans bewildered with the clues given by Eiichiro Oda for Sabo. From the hints provided, Sabo is suspected to be the second Joy Boy, after Luffy. Surprisingly, fans have taken the clues regarding Sabo as the second Joy Boy as a joke.

So, how can Sabo become the second Joy Boy after Luffy? Let’s find out in the following discussion of One Piece 1086.

In the latest chapter, Oda has given interesting facts about Sabo. It turns out that when Im Sama was talking to King Cobra in the Empty Throne Room, Sabo was hiding there from the beginning. Not only that, Sabo even engaged in a fight against Gorosei and Im Sama. Despite using Hiken from the Mera Mera no Mi, Sabo couldn’t inflict any damage on Im Sama.

After King Cobra asked Sabo to leave and told Luffy that Nefertari was a part of the D clan, Oda showed a flashback of Sabo’s childhood. At that time, Sabo was curious why Luffy and Ace had middle names with one letter, “D”. Ace replied that Sabo also had a name with “D” in it, so his original name was Sa D Bo. This fact has led fans to conclude that Sabo is the second Joy Boy after Luffy.

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The reason is that if the letter “Y” is added to Sabo’s name, it would become Sa D Boy, which sounds like Sad Boy. Some even believe that this is a clue from Oda that Sabo’s Awakening will be named Sad Boy, the opposite of Joy Boy.

Although this may seem like a joke, it is not impossible for it to be a genuine hint from Oda in One Piece 1086. It is certainly interesting to wait for Oda to reveal the secret behind Sabo’s real name in the forthcoming chapter.

In conclusion, One Piece 1086 has left fans perplexed about Sabo’s identity as the second Joy Boy. The clues given by Oda have sparked a lot of discussions and speculations among the fans. We can only wait for the forthcoming chapter to know the truth about Sabo’s destiny and role in the story.

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