One Piece 1097: Kuma's Flashback Continues with Ginny's Transformation
One Piece 1097: Kuma's Flashback Continues with Ginny's Transformation

One Piece 1097: Kuma’s Flashback Continues with Ginny’s Transformation

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One Piece 1097 is an exciting continuation of Kuma’s flashback, taking readers back to the God Valley incident and introducing a new character named Ginny. Set eight years after the incident, the manga brings us to the Sorbet Kingdom in the South Blue, where Kuma, now seventeen years old, has become a pastor and dedicated himself to healing the elderly in the country.

Using the power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi Devil Fruit, Kuma is able to remove pain from people’s bodies, earning him the nickname ‘Miracle Hand’ or Tangan Ajaib in the country. His skills and compassionate nature have made him a beloved figure in the Sorbet Kingdom.

Ginny, on the other hand, is a young woman who was present during the God Valley incident alongside Ivankov. Now twenty-one years old, Ginny has transformed into a beautiful and sexy individual. In the Sorbet Kingdom, she is popular among young men and captures everyone’s attention with her charm and grace.

However, Ginny is not just a pretty face. She takes on the responsibility of scolding elderly people who camp inside the church, ensuring that they follow the rules and maintain the sanctity of the place. Despite her strict demeanor, Ginny still manages to be well-liked by the people of Sorbet Kingdom.

As the story progresses, we come to know about the new king of Sorbet Kingdom, Taka Bekori. Unfortunately, Taka Bekori is far from being a benevolent ruler. He is described as heartless and greedy, imposing high taxes on the people, including the sick and elderly. What makes it worse is that he sends the tax money to the World Government, burdening the already struggling population of the Sorbet Kingdom.

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To make matters even more interesting, it is revealed that Taka Bekori eavesdrops on conversations of the people. His face turns red with embarrassment when he overhears certain things, suggesting that he may have a secret or a hidden vulnerability that will be explored in future chapters.

In conclusion, One Piece 1097 continues Kuma’s flashback and introduces Ginny as a significant character. Through Ginny’s transformation, we witness her beauty and charisma, as well as her firmness when dealing with the elderly. Additionally, the actions of Taka Bekori shed light on his cruel and selfish nature, setting the stage for further conflict and development in the Sorbet Kingdom. Stay tuned for more exciting chapters of One Piece!

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