One Piece 1085 Spoiler Alert: Who Killed Nefertari Cobra?
One Piece 1085 Spoiler Alert: Who Killed Nefertari Cobra?

One Piece 1085 Spoiler Alert: Who Killed Nefertari Cobra?

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Fans of One Piece have been eagerly waiting for the release of chapter 1085 to finally uncover the truth about the death of Nefertari Cobra. According to sources, One Piece 1085 will take a deep look into Imu’s conversation with Cobra, revealing Lily’s fate. However, the chapter is also said to have a plot twist that may be related to the death of Cobra.

The previous chapter of One Piece saw Sabo and Bonney part ways after meeting each other. At the same time, Cobra questions the elders about Lily’s fate, revealing that each generation has the middle name D, which refers to the will of D. However, Cobra had no idea what that meant.

Rumors and speculations suggest that Shanks, the pirate, might be responsible for Cobra’s death. Although, Morgan’s newspaper once mentioned Sabo to be the killer. Sabo denies killing Cobra but was falsely accused of the crime by the real culprit, who remains a mystery.

Chapter 1085 is set to unveil the killer of Nefertari Cobra and possibly unravel the mysterious plot twist associated with it. However, it is unclear who will be involved in this twist, adding to the complexity of the storyline. Fans can’t wait to get their hands on the chapter and find out how the plot unfolds.

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One Piece 1085 will be released on Sunday, June 4th, 2023, according to sources. Fans can read the manga on various platforms, including Manga Plus. The platform is accessible via the website, Android, and IOS applications.

In conclusion, One Piece fans need to be patient and wait for One Piece 1085 to be released before discovering who killed Nefertari Cobra. Will the real killer reveal themselves, or will it remain a mystery? Only time will tell.

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