Unveiling Boruto's New Power and its Connection to Sasuke
Unveiling Boruto's New Power and its Connection to Sasuke

Unveiling Boruto’s New Power and its Connection to Sasuke

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The world of manga Boruto: Two Blue Vortex is abuzz with excitement as Boruto Uzumaki, the next generation shinobi, reveals his incredible new power – Rasengan uzuhiko. This highly anticipated development has sparked theories about its origin and meaning, leaving fans eager to uncover the truth.


Boruto’s newfound ability has opened up a realm of possibilities for his future as a ninja. While Rasengan uzuhiko is undoubtedly impressive, there are speculations that Boruto may also acquire other jutsu, including the iconic Rasengan chidori. This would further solidify his status as a formidable shinobi and showcase his versatility in combat.

The masterful manipulation of elements is one of Boruto’s prominent skills, and it is believed to stem from his training under the legendary Sasuke Uchiha. This connection between Boruto and Sasuke has led to the theory that Boruto is a copy ninja of his mentor, following in his footsteps and mirroring his abilities.

Indeed, there are striking similarities between their stories. Both Boruto and Sasuke have experienced the life of fugitives, navigating the treacherous path of darkness and redemption. As Boruto’s powers continue to unfold, it becomes evident that he may be the next generation rendition of Sasuke.

Sasuke’s influence on Boruto extends beyond their shared experiences. The renowned Uchiha prodigy is credited with developing the Chidori technique and its various adaptations. Among them, Chidori nagashi reigns supreme as a powerful technique that envelops Sasuke’s body in a vibrant surge of electricity. However, the frequent use of this technique takes a toll on Sasuke’s well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Drawing a parallel to Sasuke’s Chidori, Boruto’s affinity for the wind element in his techniques reflects a semblance of its power. Just as the Chidori is synonymous with Sasuke, the wind element seems to be Boruto’s signature attribute. This further solidifies the theory that Boruto may have inherited some of Sasuke’s abilities, further strengthening their connection as master and student.

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The manga subtly hints at Boruto’s potential to wield the lightning element, a characteristic deeply associated with the Uchiha clan and Sasuke’s own prowess. In a revealing flashback, Boruto demonstrates his ability to combine water and lightning elements, showcasing his evolving skillset and potential for greatness.

In his quest for mastery over the lightning element, Boruto seeks guidance from the esteemed Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke’s former teammate and sensei. However, despite his determination, Boruto’s lacking potential in this realm becomes evident, leaving him unable to fully grasp the intricacies of lightning manipulation.

It is speculated that Sasuke himself may have taken on the role of Boruto’s mentor in teaching him the Chidori nagashi technique. Considering their shared connection and Boruto’s similarities to his master, it is not far-fetched to imagine Sasuke passing down this formidable jutsu to his protégé.

In conclusion, Boruto’s journey as a shinobi is filled with surprises and revelations. His new power, Rasengan uzuhiko, serves as a stepping stone to uncovering his true potential. With each new development, the parallels between Boruto and Sasuke become more apparent, solidifying their bond as student and master. As Boruto’s story unfolds, fans eagerly await the future chapters, where his connection to Sasuke and the extent of his inherited abilities will be revealed.

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