One Piece 1083: Secrets Revealed - Sabo's Survival and the Government's Plot
One Piece 1083: Secrets Revealed - Sabo's Survival and the Government's Plot

One Piece 1083: Secrets Revealed – Sabo’s Survival and the Government’s Plot

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda finally revealed Sabo’s survival strategy after his encounter with Im Sama on Lulusia Island in Chapter 1082. Fans were left wondering how Sabo managed to escape, and whether Im Sama’s attack was weak. Oda clarified that Sabo was able to survive thanks to the awakening of his Mera Mera No Mi Devil Fruit power, which turned him into a fire-based Logia type that was immune to other forms of fire-based attacks. It was also revealed that Im Sama’s attack on Sabo was part of a bigger plot orchestrated by the Government to trap the Yonkou in a Battle Royale.

The previous chapter of One Piece had already hinted at Sabo’s survival, but it was not until the latest chapter that his escape strategy was revealed. Sabo had been attacked by Im Sama, who was targeting him for knowing about Im Sama’s existence in Marijoa. However, Sabo’s awakening allowed him to dodge Im Sama’s attack, which was not coated in Haki, and to survive the destruction of Lulusia Island in one piece.

Sabo then revealed that Im Sama and the Government had planned a Battle Royale among the Yonkou, and that one of them was in league with the Government. According to Sabo, the Government had the last Road Poneglyph, and they wanted to use the Battle Royale to defeat the Yonkou and take control of the last Poneglyph. Sabo asked Dragon to assemble the revolutionary forces and thwart the Government’s plan during the Battle Royale.

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The biggest question now is which Yonkou is in league with the Government. The two most likely suspects are Shanks and Kurohige. However, neither theory is foolproof, as Oda is known for breaking fans’ predictions and keeping them guessing. Will Luffy fall into the Government’s trap? Can Dragon and the revolutionary forces stop Im Sama’s plan? All will be revealed in the upcoming chapters of One Piece.

In conclusion, One Piece Chapter 1083 revealed some crucial information about the survival of Sabo and the Government’s plot to trap the Yonkou in a Battle Royale. Fans were left with more questions than answers, such as the identity of the Yonkou involved in the Government’s plan. Nonetheless, Oda’s storytelling continues to captivate and excite fans, making One Piece one of the most popular mangas/animes of all time.

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