Nami's Future Power in One Piece Anime: Controlling Giant Waves?
Nami's Future Power in One Piece Anime: Controlling Giant Waves?

Nami’s Future Power in One Piece Anime: Controlling Giant Waves?

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Nami, the beloved character in the anime series One Piece, has proven herself to be a vital member of the Straw Hat Pirates as their navigator and weather manipulator. However, according to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the manga series, Nami’s future power may focus on controlling giant waves and creating natural disasters in the ocean. This future ability may involve more complex weather manipulation such as storms and larger waves, which can aid Nami in facing her enemies or overcoming challenges in their sea adventures.

But have you ever wondered why Eiichiro Oda stated that Nami is the natural enemy of the four Yonko? There is one similarity between Nami and the four Yonko in One Piece, they share the same weakness. Three out of the four Yonko, including Monkey D. Luffy, Blackbeard, and Buggy, use devil fruits that make them vulnerable to seawater. As for Shanks, his weakness is exposed to elements that can be extinguished by water, such as fire. In One Piece Film: Red, Shanks demonstrated the use of fire-based haki.

If Shanks’ special ability is related to fire, then it can be explained why Nami is considered his natural enemy. Nami’s name in Japanese means “wave,” and in a Color Spread picture in chapter 1011, and a comment from Eiichiro Oda on a fanart that features “Giant Nami,” it is possible that Nami’s future ability is the power to create “Giant Waves.” This means that the predicted “Giant Wave” ability of Nami is a natural disaster in the form of an enormous wave. This predicted power upgrade is not only a threat to devil fruit users but also to haki users who rely on fire to defeat their opponents.

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In conclusion, Nami’s role as a navigator and weather manipulator in the Straw Hat Pirates may soon change as she develops her future power in the series. Her ability to create natural disasters in the form of larger waves will not only aid the crew but also make her the natural enemy of the Yonko, especially Shanks. The unpredictability of Nami’s future power upgrade will undoubtedly add excitement to the One Piece anime and manga, making viewers and readers eager to see what’s next for this beloved character.

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