MoreFun Studios Launches New Hardcore FPS Mobile Game, Arena Breakout
MoreFun Studios Launches New Hardcore FPS Mobile Game, Arena Breakout

MoreFun Studios Launches New Hardcore FPS Mobile Game, Arena Breakout

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MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, announced the release of their latest mobile game entitled Arena Breakout. The game is a next-generation Hardcore FPS game that is set to be released globally for the first time on July 14, 2023, on both the App Store and Google Play.

While waiting for the release of the mobile game, interested players can pre-register on Google Play and iOS through the link and also receive rewards on the official Arena Breakout website.

In this game, players will step foot in Komona, an abandoned area that recently suffered from civil war. Players can explore the battlegrounds to obtain wealth and choose to fight or retreat. They can also build and modify ultra-realistic weapons, patch wounds, and refill empty bullets for future battles. Every battle is a high-stakes gamble where the winner takes all, so players better not bring anything they can’t afford to lose.

For those curious, the game’s launch announcement trailer is available on Arena Breakout’s official YouTube channel. Over 10 million players worldwide have already pre-registered for Arena Breakout and will receive rewards during the launch period.

If players pre-register, they can get these rewards: 926 Medical kit, Simple Surgical Pack, AMP-7 Assault Backpack, FA Multipurpose Chest Rig, 6B4 Helmet, KN Assault Body Armor, AP Tablet, AKM Class 4 Ammo Choice Bundle, and AKM Full Bundle. To get these rewards and additional ones to be announced soon, players must pre-register for the game.

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Moreover, players can invite friends through exclusive referral links on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter to earn more rewards. The following are the rewards players can earn when they refer a certain number of friends:
– Successfully inviting one friend will receive a military standard surgical tool and 100D combat medical field equipment.
– Successfully inviting three friends will receive an AK-74N and 5.45 × 39mm PP ×120.
– Successfully inviting five friends will receive a 6B13 body armor, AK-74N, and 5.45 × 39mm PP ×120.
– Successfully inviting 15 friends will receive a complete AKM bundle.

For more information on the milestone pre-registration rewards and referrals, interested players can visit the official Arena Breakout website at

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