Moda: The Most Highlighted Character in One Piece's Lulusia Kingdom
Moda: The Most Highlighted Character in One Piece's Lulusia Kingdom

Moda: The Most Highlighted Character in One Piece’s Lulusia Kingdom

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Moda, one of the minor characters of the Lulusia Kingdom in One Piece, has remarkably caught the readers’ and viewers’ attention. Although he has a small presence, Moda has some interesting facts that reveal more about himself and his connection to other characters. Here are eight fascinating facts about Moda.

1. Moda’s Birthday

Moda’s birth date is June 1st, as confirmed in One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World. Although his height and blood type are unknown, at least, we know when he was born.

2. Moda’s Parents

Moda’s parents are Koda and Kyuji, working as chefs for the Navy. The situation in Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search forced them to leave Moda, who lived alone until a Navy ship bought milk from him.

3. Moda and Milk

Moda is associated with milk, as shown in the Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search story. He is also known for taking care of cows, providing milk to G-2 and trying to protect the milk jars from the pirates’ attack.

4. Moda and Ace

Moda and Ace’s encounter started when Ace fought Kurotsuru, and the villagers threw him into the river. Moda saved Ace, and as a favor, Ace delivered Moda’s letter to Vice Admiral Comil. Eventually, Moda’s parents bought milk from him, improving the taste of coffee in G-2.

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5. Moda and the Revolutionary Army

In chapter 904, when the Momohige group invaded Lulusia, Moda was attacked but saved by the power of Belo Betty. He later joined the villagers on Sabo’s ship, whom he has met before.

6. Survived Lulusia’s Destruction

In chapter 1060, Lulusia Kingdom was destroyed, but in chapter 1082, Sabo revealed that Moda survived the attack, hiding with other villagers on the ship.

7. Helped by Two Mera Mera no Mi Users

Moda had previously been helped by Ace, who possessed Mera Mera no Mi, and later on, Sabo, who ate the same Devil Fruit. Therefore, he has some unique experiences that involve the powerful Flame-Flame Fruit.

8. Moda’s Voice Actor

Satomi Sato voiced Moda in the anime.

In conclusion, despite being a minor character, Moda’s involvement in various events and connections with Ace and Sabo make him the most highlighted character in One Piece’s Lulusia Kingdom.

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