Kurohige's Arrival at Egghead in One Piece Chapter 1081 Brings a New Twist
Kurohige's Arrival at Egghead in One Piece Chapter 1081 Brings a New Twist

Kurohige’s Arrival at Egghead in One Piece Chapter 1081 Brings a New Twist

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, which was just released by Eiichiro Oda, a big surprise happened. While many fans did not notice it, the strongest enemy, Kurohige, seems to have arrived at Egghead. According to YouTube Anime OP, Kurohige’s arrival at Egghead, where Luffy and Vegapunk are located, is apparently related to a big secret. There is even a theory that Kurohige is after an unusual power there.

At present, Egghead Island is being heavily monitored by the World Government of One Piece because the smartest person in One Piece, Vegapunk, is known to have betrayed the government. Vegapunk is currently researching the secret of the Void Century of One Piece 800 years ago. Just like Ohara, Egghead Island is now threatened with destruction by the World Government of One Piece.

Previously, many fans believed that Kurohige would face off against Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D Garp. However, in One Piece Chapter 1081, it turns out that it will not happen. The Devil Fruit that Kurohige is after is apparently on Egghead Island, and not with Garp at Hachinosu. Kurohige seems to be targeting the Kelis of the god Nika owned by Luffy.

The god Nika, which is currently in the body of Mugiwara No Luffy, has become an extraordinary sensation in One Piece. All fans know that Kurohige is strengthening his pirate fleet by hunting for powerful Devil Fruit abilities. So far, Kurohige’s pirates have acquired many Devil Fruits. If Kurohige is indeed after Luffy’s Devil Fruit in One Piece, then a great war will take place in the Egghead arc.

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One Piece is a Japanese story that was first introduced and published in the form of manga (comic book) on July 22, 1997. Two years later, the anime version of One Piece followed. Since then, the One Piece franchise has become a global cultural phenomenon, breaking many records and winning the hearts of anime enthusiasts. One Piece tells the journey of courageous pirate Monkey D Luffy in search of One Piece, a treasure coveted by all pirates. After 25 years and 490 million copies sold worldwide, the creator, Eiichiro Oda, announced that One Piece will enter its final chapter.

Disclaimer: This discussion of One Piece is theoretical and may be right or wrong. This article is created for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to preempt the content of the story.

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