Knowing the Causes of Obesity: Factors You Should Be Aware Of
Knowing the Causes of Obesity: Factors You Should Be Aware Of

Knowing the Causes of Obesity: Factors You Should Be Aware Of

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Obesity is a condition where a person has excessive body weight that can be measured by comparing their weight with their height. Considering the number of people suffering from obesity, understanding the causes of this condition is essential. In Indonesia, it is reported that 1 in 3 people suffer from obesity, and this number is quite alarming. However, obesity is not only about appearance but also about the individual’s health condition, making it essential to be aware of the causes.

There are several causes of obesity that need to be taken into account. Two of them are genetic factors and an unhealthy diet. When it comes to writing content about obesity, it is crucial to create text that is both perplexing and bursty for readers.

1. Genetic Factors

Genetic factors are considered the most influential cause of obesity. The risk of being overweight is higher if a person’s parents are also overweight. The genes instruct the body to respond to changes in the environment, which influences the genetic makeup, leading to a higher body weight.

2. Unhealthy Diet

An unhealthy diet increases the risk of developing severe obesity by consuming too many calories or consuming unhealthy foods that affect body weight directly. Consuming excessive amounts of high-fat foods, sweet drinks, and junk food increases caloric intake. Besides, a lack of fruit and vegetable intake and skipping breakfast are among contributing factors. To overcome obesity and maintain a healthy weight, replacing unhealthy food choices with healthy ones is imperative.

3. Specific Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), certain medications, and stress can cause obesity. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, steroids, anticonvulsants, and diabetes drugs are among the medications that can lead to weight gain. It will be wise to consult a healthcare provider before consuming medication that may cause obesity.

4. Lack of Physical Activity

According to research conducted by Stanford University, physical inactivity significantly increases the risk of obesity worldwide. The survey has identified the trend in the over decades (1988-2010). Engaging in little or no physical activity leads to an increase in weight due to an inability to burn excess calories.

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5. Age

Aging is also a contributing cause of obesity. Hormonal changes, coupled with reduced muscle mass, make it difficult for an individual to maintain a healthy weight as they age. Elderly individuals may also have difficulty controlling their eating habits and lack of physical activity. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain an active lifestyle as one ages to reduce the risk of obesity.

6. Stress

Stress can also lead to obesity. People under constant stress may cope by overeating, leading to an increase in weight. It is essential to recognize and manage stress to avoid excessive eating and weight gain.

7. Environmental Factors

The environment can be another contributing factor, such as unhealthy lifestyles, high-calorie intake, and physical inactivity. To reduce the possibility of being overweight, it is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, incorporate physical activities into daily routines, and stay away from unhealthy foods.

In conclusion, understanding the causes of obesity plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy life. Genetic factors, an unhealthy diet, specific medical conditions, lack of physical activity, age, stress, and environmental factors are all factors that can lead to obesity. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a healthy diet, one can reduce the risk of this condition and maintain a healthy weight.

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