Is Im Sama the Child of Joy Boy? Unraveling the Mystery in One Piece
Is Im Sama the Child of Joy Boy? Unraveling the Mystery in One Piece

Is Im Sama the Child of Joy Boy? Unraveling the Mystery in One Piece

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, creator Eiichiro Oda always manages to surprise fans with unexpected plot twists. One such twist involves Im Sama, the mysterious leader of the world government whose appearance has confounded fans since the character was introduced. In particular, Im Sama’s real form was not what fans expected, leading to many theories and assumptions about their true identity.

One popular theory is that Im Sama is actually the child of Joy Boy and Nefertari Lily. According to this theory, the child was born with a weak physical condition, and in an effort to save their life, Joy Boy used the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit to grant them eternal life. However, the process was unsuccessful, and Joy Boy buried the child, thinking they had died. But as a side effect of the devil fruit’s power, the child experienced a near-death state and was able to revive after a day.

After their resurrection, Im Sama was filled with hatred for Joy Boy and Nefertari Lily, leading them to overthrow Joy Boy and manipulate various kingdoms into forming the world government. It’s also believed that Im Sama killed Nefertari Lily after she visited Marijoa and saw their child on the throne, fulfilling a long-held grudge.

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While this theory is just speculation, there are some clues in the manga that support it. For example, Im Sama’s silhouette is shown to be that of a child, indicating that they are small in stature. Additionally, Im Sama is shown to be in a haunted room and listening in on a conversation between the Gorosei and King Cobra, further suggesting that they are not what they seem.

Regardless of the truth behind Im Sama’s identity, One Piece continues to be a beloved manga and anime series that provides exciting and unexpected plot twists. With Eiichiro Oda at the helm, fans can always expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride as the mysteries of the One Piece world are gradually revealed.

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