Chaos in Impel Down - One Piece Manga Chapter 1085 Spoilers
Chaos in Impel Down - One Piece Manga Chapter 1085 Spoilers

Chaos in Impel Down – One Piece Manga Chapter 1085 Spoilers

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The latest One Piece chapter 1085 spoiler has revealed chaos in Impel Down. Cross Guild and Holy Knight are currently fighting there, and Doflamingo, who is being detained in the prison, has successfully escaped. In the manga, Doflamingo is known to possess classified information about the national treasure of Mariejoa. According to him, to become the world’s highest leader and own the treasure, an eternal youth operation is required by the user of Ope Ope no Mi.

However, the government is unable to eliminate Doflamingo, so they chose to partner with him. As long as Doflamingo kept quiet about Mariejoa’s national treasure, they agreed to work with him, but all of that changed when Doflamingo was defeated by Luffy and arrested at Impel Down. When detained at the prison, Doflamingo confessed that an agent of the World Government had come after him. The group sent to eliminate Doflamingo is the Holy Knight.

It seems that the Holy Knight was dispatched to Impel Down as they heard of the Cross Guild’s plan to get the powerful army. Eiichiro Oda is unlikely to remove someone as important as Doflamingo without a purpose. Previously, it was revealed that two high-ranking Cross Guild members, Crocodile and Mihawk, were planning to find additional forces to establish Utopia. They were considering two names, Moria and Doflamingo, who were both in Impel Down. With his vast army of zombies, Moria certainly could benefit the Cross Guild considerably.

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In the meantime, Mihawk and Crocodile would not lose the chance to make use of Doflamingo as he was also there. Impel Down is now a battleground as Holy Knight fights the Cross Guild. All of these scenarios are in line with Oda’s promise to bring a significant war at the end of the story. The Manga 1085 spoiler provides details about the chaos created by the fight between Cross Guild and Holy Knight in Impel Down.
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