How to Record WhatsApp Calls in 3 Easy Ways
How to Record WhatsApp Calls in 3 Easy Ways

How to Record WhatsApp Calls in 3 Easy Ways

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Are you someone who frequently uses WhatsApp to make voice or video calls and wishes to record them? Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have an in-built recording feature. But don’t worry, you can still record WhatsApp calls through third-party apps. In this article, we have outlined three easy ways to record your WhatsApp calls.

1. Cube ACR App

One of the most reliable call recording apps to use for recording WhatsApp calls is Cube ACR. This app can automatically record both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls. Here’s how you can use it:

– Download the Call Recorder – Cube ACR app from the Google Play Store.
– Open the app, tap “next” and “allow” for all the permission requests that come up.
– Click on “Enable app connector”, then turn on the accessibility option for the Cube ACR app.
– Follow the instructions given and select the free trial option.
– After setting up the app, any WhatsApp calls you make will be automatically recorded and stored in the Cube ACR app.

2. App Call Recorder

Another third-party app that allows automatic recording of WhatsApp calls is the App Call Recorder. Here’s how to use it:

– Install the App Call Recorder from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
– Open the app, tap “grant permission” and allow all necessary permissions.
– Enable accessibility permission for the app by tapping the “enable service” option.
– Also, grant permission for notification access to the app.
– Every incoming and outgoing WhatsApp audio call will be recorded and saved in this app.

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3. Screen Recorder

If you want to record both audio and video WhatsApp calls, you can use the screen recording feature on your smartphone. Follow these steps:

– Ensure that your smartphone has a pre-installed screen recorder. If not, download a third-party screen recording app.
– When making a WhatsApp video or audio call, turn on the screen recording feature on your smartphone.

It’s important to note that recording WhatsApp calls through third-party apps is not recommended as it is not an official feature of WhatsApp and may be illegal in some jurisdictions. Remember to always respect the privacy of the other person before deciding to record any conversation.

In conclusion, these are the three easy ways to record your WhatsApp calls. You can use Cube ACR or App Call Recorder for automatic recording, or screen recording for both audio and video calls. However, it is important to use these methods responsibly and with caution.

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