Dysfunctional Family of Two Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia
Dysfunctional Family of Two Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia

Dysfunctional Family of Two Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia (MHA) portrays a world of superheroes where they are expected to overcome various criminal problems in Japan at all times. However, this ideal world comes at a cost. Many Pro Heroes in the anime are neglecting their families, leading to dysfunctional relationships. Let’s explore two Pro Heroes in MHA whose family affairs experienced imbalance and tragic twists.

1. The Shimura Family

Nana Shimura was the seventh successor of One for All and All Might’s mentor. As a busy Pro Hero, she didn’t have time to play with her children. One of her children grew to hate her and her profession. Later on, Nana’s child disappeared, leaving no trace, and gave birth to Tenko Shimura. Though Tenko dreamed of becoming a Pro Hero, he was taught by his father to hate them. Unfortunately, his extraordinary power that could destruct anything unintentionally killed his entire family, leaving him alone and orphaned. With no one else to turn to, All for One found him and molded him into the villain Shigaraki Shimura, who became Izuku Midoriya’s arch-nemesis.

2. The Todoroki Family

Endeavor, who became the Pro Hero number one after All Might’s retirement, was an ambitious figure willing to do anything to reach the top. He was arrogant and highly unpopular among the public. He married his wife for her powerful quirk in a concept called quirk marriages, not out of love. Endeavor treated his wife out of line and even abused her, leading his kids to despise him, particularly Shoto Todoroki. Shoto refused to use his father’s flames as a quirk because of his resentment. Endeavor’s obsession with being a hero left him with no time for his family, leading to chronic illness for his wife, which in turn caused more anger and frustration from their kids. In season 5, it is unclear if the family has reconciled.

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In the world of heroes, saving the world might come at the cost of shattered families. The stories of Nana Shimura and Endeavor’s family journey in the My Hero Academia anime showcase the importance of family relationships and their consequences.

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