How to Counter Moskov in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes and Strategies
How to Counter Moskov in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes and Strategies

How to Counter Moskov in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes and Strategies

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When it comes to challenging the dangerous late-game hero Moskov in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, knowing how to counter him is crucial for success. With his high attack speed and burst damage, Moskov can quickly eliminate opponents if not dealt with properly. Fortunately, there are several heroes in Mobile Legends that can counter Moskov and give you an advantage in battles. In this article, we will explore the best heroes and strategies to counter Moskov and ensure victory on the battlefield.

Aurora, the Cryogenic Witch, possesses crowd control abilities that can interrupt Moskov’s movements and farming. Her freezing abilities can hold Moskov in place, preventing him from maneuvering and attacking effectively. By utilizing Aurora’s skills strategically, you can disrupt Moskov’s rhythm and gain the upper hand in team fights.

Chou, the Kung Fu Boy, is another hero that can pose a threat to Moskov. With his passive and Ultimate Skill, Chou can deal additional damage and harm Moskov. His agility and swift movements make it challenging for Moskov to land his shots. When playing as Chou, focus on timing your attacks and utilizing your skills to burst down Moskov before he can react.

Claude, the Master Thief, has abilities that can hinder Moskov’s targeting and reduce his movement and attack speed. Claude’s dash ability allows him to quickly reposition himself, making it difficult for Moskov to hit his targets with precision. Additionally, Claude’s Art of Thievery skill reduces the damage Moskov can deal, giving your team an advantage in clashes.

Diggie, the Timekeeper, is a support hero that can remove crowd control effects from Moskov and his teammates. By cleansing Moskov’s team of crowd control, Diggie disrupts the enemy team’s formation and provides an opportunity for your team to strike. With proper positioning and timing, Diggie can turn the tide of battle and neutralize Moskov’s threat.

Eudora, the Lightning Sorceress, possesses powerful magical abilities that can cripple Moskov. Her Ultimate Skill, Thunder’s Wrath, deals significant magic damage, making it difficult for Moskov to sustain his attacks. Additionally, Eudora’s stun skill can disable Moskov temporarily, giving your team an opportunity to eliminate him.

Harley, the Mage Genius, is a versatile hero that combines mage and assassin qualities. Due to his agility and mobility, Moskov will have a hard time targeting Harley. With quick movements and deadly bursts of damage, Harley can take down Moskov before he can react. Playing as Harley requires precision and timing, but the rewards can be devastating for the enemy team.

Franco, the Frozen Warrior, is a tank hero with a useful hook skill that can be deadly against agile heroes like Moskov. Franco’s tankiness makes it hard for Moskov to defeat him in a one-on-one situation. By utilizing Franco’s hook skill effectively, you can control Moskov’s movement and provide openings for your team to attack.

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Grock, the Fortress Titan, excels at blocking enemy movement with his walls and can chase down and damage Moskov effectively. By strategically positioning his walls, Grock can limit Moskov’s maneuverability and force him to fight in unfavorable positions. Additionally, Grock’s skills deal considerable damage, allowing him to burst down Moskov quickly.

Gusion, the Holy Dagger, is a highly reflexive hero that can take down Moskov with his agility and deadly attacks. Gusion’s mobility and burst damage make him a formidable opponent for Moskov. With precise timing and combo execution, Gusion can outmaneuver and eliminate Moskov in a matter of seconds.

Hilda, the Power of Wildness, possesses high movement speed and crowd control abilities that make it easy for her to chase and stun Moskov. Hilda’s relentless pursuit can disrupt Moskov’s positioning and enable your team to capitalize on his vulnerability. Use Hilda’s speed and crowd control to your advantage and overpower Moskov.

Jawhead, the Boy with a Bomb, has a throwing skill that can control Moskov’s movement. By using Jawhead’s throwing ability, you can manipulate Moskov’s positioning, making it easier for your team to land their attacks. Additionally, Jawhead’s high damage output can quickly whittle down Moskov’s health, forcing him to play defensively.

Kaja, the Soul Weaver, is another hero that can pull and damage Moskov with his skills. Kaja’s crowd control effects can interrupt Moskov’s movements and make it easier for your team to focus him down. By utilizing Kaja’s Ultimate Skill in combination with your team’s attacks, you can eliminate Moskov and turn the tide of battle.

Karina, the Shadow Blade, is a deadly assassin that excels at boosting her movement speed and damage. With increased mobility and damage, Karina can quickly approach Moskov and eliminate him before he can react. By timing her attacks and utilizing her skills effectively, Karina can become a nightmare for Moskov.

In conclusion, countering Moskov in Mobile Legends requires utilizing heroes with crowd control, high damage, and agility. Understanding the strengths and abilities of heroes like Aurora, Chou, Claude, Diggie, Eudora, Harley, Franco, Grock, Gusion, Hilda, Jawhead, Kaja, Karina, Karrie, and Lesley can give you an advantage in battles against Moskov. With proper strategy and teamwork, you can overcome Moskov’s late-game dominance and secure victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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