Honkai Impact 3 v7.0 'Promise to Luna': New Story, Luna Battlesuit, and Adventure on Mars
Honkai Impact 3 v7.0 'Promise to Luna': New Story, Luna Battlesuit, and Adventure on Mars

Honkai Impact 3 v7.0 ‘Promise to Luna’: New Story, Luna Battlesuit, and Adventure on Mars

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Honkai Impact 3 fans, get ready for the highly anticipated release of v7.0, titled ‘Promise to Luna,’ on October 26th! This new version brings exciting new features, including Luna’s reunion with the Captain and her impressive fighting abilities.

In the trailer uploaded on October 20th, players got a thrilling glimpse into what v7.0 has to offer. Luna, the vampire character, takes the spotlight as she showcases her strength on the battlefield. Equipped with her new battlesuit, Lunar Vow: Crimson Love, Luna can transform her cross weapon into a fearsome chainsaw for combat. Prepare for intense battles and breathtaking combat sequences!

But Luna’s journey is just one part of the larger story in Honkai Impact 3 v7.0. The Captain, along with Griseo and Fu Hua, sets out to uncover the truth and face a new type of enemy called ‘type SD’. These enemies come in two forms – Embodied Form and Consolidated Form – adding strategic elements to the battles. Players will need to adapt their tactics and utilize different strategies to defeat these formidable foes.

The story in Honkai Impact 3 Part 2 takes place on Mars, with the city of Oxia as the first stop. As players assume the role of the ‘Dreamseeker’ character, they embark on a thrilling adventure with unique partners. The team consists of Senadina, Coralie, and Helia, each bringing their own distinctive personalities to the game. Explore a dynamic and technologically advanced city on Mars, where surprises and challenges await at every turn.

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The key focus of Honkai Impact 3 v7.0 is the reunion of Luna and the Captain, along with the introduction of the type SD enemies. With a new battlesuit, Luna’s combat abilities have been taken to the next level, promising exciting gameplay experiences for players. The adventure on Mars is a chance to immerse yourself in a captivating narrative and discover new settings and characters.

Honkai Impact 3 v7.0 is set to provide an engaging and thrilling gaming experience for both new and existing players. Get ready to dive into the action and uncover the mysteries of the Mars storyline. Mark your calendars for October 26th and join Luna, the Captain, and the rest of the Honkai Impact 3 team on this epic journey!

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