Google Introduces Video Unblur Feature Powered by AI
Google Introduces Video Unblur Feature Powered by AI

Google Introduces Video Unblur Feature Powered by AI

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Google is currently working on a new feature that will enhance the clarity and sharpness of blurry videos. It’s about time that a tool like this is introduced for videos, especially since most people post videos on social media platforms in addition to photos.

What is Video Unblur Tool?

To understand what Video Unblur tool is, it’s essential to explain the function of Photos Unblur. Photo Unblur is the latest phone camera feature from Google, such as Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. It’s just one of the many AI-powered tools. Photo Unblur sharpens user’s blurry photos using AI magic.

Therefore, led by this fantastic camera feature, the Google team is currently working on Video Unblur, which will also function on AI-powered technology.

It has been speculated that implementing this feature on videos is a bit complex. It shouldn’t surprise us as videos are larger files than photos, making them complicated to sharpen.

Which Phones Will Have Video Unblur Tool?

Regarding Photo Unblur, it was specifically designed for Google phones. Therefore, the Unblur Video tool might already be available for the soon-to-be-released Google Pixel 8. However, there have been rumors that this video tool will be available for those who don’t own a Pixel phone but subscribe to Google One.

Google One is a cloud service for storing user’s files, mostly images and videos. Google provides 15GB of free storage, but for more storage, users must subscribe and pay a monthly fee. This subscription offers additional features that improve Google and other Android services.

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Are There Other Photo and Video Features Included?

Aside from Photo Unblur and the potential Video Unblur tool, Google is working on other camera features. One of these features is the Magic Eraser tool. This tool is a favorite camera tool for those who like Photoshop.

Additionally, this tool is available for those who own Google phones and for those who don’t have a Google phone but subscribe to Google One.

Moreover, in addition to Video Unblur, there are rumors that Google is working on new video effects for Google Photos. Specifically, they are working on 14 new video filters. Some of these filters include VHS, Moire, Chromatic, After School, B&W, and Polaroid.

In conclusion, Google’s Video Unblur tool powered by AI will be a great addition to those who love capturing videos with their phones. Moreover, the possibility of having additional features like Video Effects and Magic Eraser makes it more exciting to see what Google has in store for us.

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