CP0 vs CP9: Which is the Stronger Group in One Piece?
CP0 vs CP9: Which is the Stronger Group in One Piece?

CP0 vs CP9: Which is the Stronger Group in One Piece?

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When CP9 first appeared in One Piece, they were seen as a dangerous threat. But now there is another group, CP0, that seems to serve the Tenryuubito directly. So, which group is stronger? Fans have been asking this question, and Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has finally given an answer.

1. All About CP

Oda explained that all CP groups are actually spies who work in the shadows for the World Government. The public only knows about CP1 and CP8, and the higher the number, the more important their mission. CP9, on the other hand, is a group of assassins who are tasked with taking down individuals deemed dangerous by the Government. Oda has referred to them as a group of assassins that should not exist.

As for CP0, they operate directly under the Tenryuubito, making them the strongest group. Characters like Stussy have dangerous fighting abilities, and their agents, such as Lucci and Kaku, have displayed their strength since their time in CP9. There are also agents we’ve seen on Onigashima.

2. CP0 is the Strongest

According to Oda’s explanation, CP0, being under the direct command of the Tenryuubito, makes them the strongest group. From what we’ve seen, fighters like Stussy are dangerous, and Lucci and Kaku have already shown their strength while in CP9. We’ve also witnessed other CP agents on Onigashima.


3. Proven in Onigashima

During the events of Onigashima, when two CP0 agents hunted Robin, they were able to defeat those who tried to stop them, including Zanki, X Drake, and Izo. Even though Drake and Izo were injured beforehand, their ability to defeat characters of that level makes it seem like those weaker than the Tobi Roppo members stand no chance against the CP0 agents.

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However, there are still limits to what the CP0 agents can do; Izo was able to overcome Maha, who was one of the CP0 agents who attacked him. And when an agent interrupted Luffy and Kaido’s battle, Kaido easily dispatched them, indicating that even CP0 agents are no match for Yonko-level fighters.

In the Egghead arc, we see just how strong Kaku and Lucci have become, as they both awaken their Zoan powers. Stussy is also powerful, capable of incapacitating Lucci and Kaku easily. However, their abilities also have limits, and even Lucci was helpless against Gear 5 Luffy.

In conclusion, CP0 seems to be the stronger group due to their direct service to the Tenryuubito, making them the most formidable group in One Piece. What do you think about their strength? Let us know in the comments below!

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