Garp vs Blackbeard: A Showdown of Strength and Dedication in One Piece chapter 1087
Garp vs Blackbeard: A Showdown of Strength and Dedication in One Piece chapter 1087

Garp vs Blackbeard: A Showdown of Strength and Dedication in One Piece chapter 1087

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In the world of One Piece, battles between powerful pirates and the Marines are a common occurrence. Chapter 1087 dives into one such intense confrontation, pitting one of the Marine’s strongest fighters, Monkey D. Garp, against the notorious Blackbeard Pirates. This action-packed chapter showcases Garp’s unwavering strength and dedication in protecting the Marines.

The chapter begins with an unexpected attack on Garp by Shiryu of The Rain. Shiryu, known for his deadly swordsmanship, launches a surprise assault, forcing Garp to defend himself. Despite the sudden attack, Garp remains composed and ready to take on his adversaries.

Garp’s reputation as a formidable Marine is emphasized when it is revealed that his bounty is valued at a staggering 3 billion Berry. This exorbitant bounty illustrates just how dangerous and influential Garp is within the world of One Piece.

As the battle escalates, Garp finds himself facing the entirety of the Blackbeard Pirates. Undeterred by their numbers, Garp unleashes his powerful punches, using nearby warships as training tools. His punches not only demonstrate his incredible physical strength but also serve as a testament to his unwavering determination to protect the Marines.

The fight takes place in the infamous Pirate Island, Hachinosu, adding to the intensity and danger of the situation. Garp’s quick thinking and resourcefulness come into play when he throws San Juan Wolf, one of the Blackbeard Pirates, into the sea. This strategic move showcases Garp’s tactical prowess and ability to adapt during battles.

However, Garp’s formidable opponents continue to push him to his limits. Vasco Shot, one of the high-ranking members of the Blackbeard Pirates, launches a powerful attack with his Heavy Drinker ability. Garp, undeterred, uses the burned body of a fallen Blackbeard Pirate as a shield, further highlighting his resourcefulness and ability to think on his feet.

The battle rages on, with Garp single-handedly taking on the entire Blackbeard crew. Despite the overwhelming odds, Garp fights with unmatched determination, refusing to back down. His punches and defenses are relentless, showcasing the full extent of his skills as a Marine.

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Just when it seems like Garp may have the upper hand, Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, rises again after being hit by Garp’s devastating Blue Hole attack. This unexpected turn of events further intensifies the battle and puts Garp’s abilities to the test.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Garp orders two of his subordinates, Koby and Grus, to run while he continues to hold off the Blackbeard Pirates. This selfless act demonstrates Garp’s commitment to protecting those under his command and underlines his role as a loyal Marine.

The chapter also sheds light on special regulations that prevent Garp, as well as Aokiji, from using Haki during the battle. This restriction adds an additional layer of challenge for Garp, emphasizing his reliance on his physical strength and combat skills.

Fans of One Piece can find the full chapter, along with the exhilarating battle between Garp and the Blackbeard Pirates, on the Manga Plus website. This chapter serves as a testament to Garp’s unwavering dedication and showcases his extraordinary abilities as a Marine.

In conclusion, chapter 1087 of One Piece thrusts readers into a gripping battle between Monkey D. Garp and the Blackbeard Pirates. Garp’s strength, resilience, and dedication to the Marines are on full display as he fights against overwhelming odds. This chapter leaves readers eagerly anticipating the outcome of this epic clash between two powerful forces in the One Piece world.

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