The Most Influential and Powerful Gangs in Tokyo Revengers
The Most Influential and Powerful Gangs in Tokyo Revengers

The Most Influential and Powerful Gangs in Tokyo Revengers

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Tokyo Revengers is a shounen manga and anime series that doesn’t rely on supernatural or superhuman powers for its characters. All the characters in this series fight with their physical strength and skills. As a story about delinquents, Tokyo Revengers focuses on the motorcycle gangs that dominate the streets of Tokyo. These gangs often engage in violent clashes, and the winners get to recruit the defeated gang’s members to their own. Some gangs in the series are more influential and powerful than others and play a significant role in driving the story forward. In this article, we will discuss the most influential and powerful gangs in Tokyo Revengers.

1. Moebius

Moebius is one of the oldest motorcycle gangs in Tokyo, even older than Toman, the protagonist’s gang. Moebius has been a legend for many years, with Nobutaka Osanai serving as its eighth leader. However, Osanai’s actions led to the gang’s downfall. He provoked a conflict with Toman by disrespecting one of Pah Chin’s close friends, leading to a fierce battle between the two gangs. The fight was intense, and Osanai even stabbed Draken, but he was saved by Takemichi. In the end, Toman emerged victorious in the conflict, defeating Moebius.

2. Valhalla

Valhalla is affiliated with Toman, and its real leader is Tetta Kisaki. The gang consists of former Moebius members under Hanma and anti-Toman forces under Kazutora Hanemiya. Valhalla also plays a tragic role in the story of the friendship between Kazutora and Keisuke Baji. Hanma serves as the temporary leader of Valhalla, and at the same time, Kisaki infiltrates Toman and becomes its captain. Hanma tries to defeat Mikey again, but he fails, and Valhalla is defeated. As a result, Hanma joins Toman.

3. Rokuhara Tandai

Rokuhara Tandai is a gang that emerged after the Sengoku period in Tokyo. The gang is led by South Terano and has power and influence after the dissolution of Tokyo Manji. The gang controls most of Tokyo’s territory and does not have many members. Its top members include the Heavenly King of Tenjiku manga, including two powerful Haitani brothers. South is not to be underestimated, as he can make even Draken kneel. The gang can stand up against other gangs and is not afraid to fight.
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4. Tenjiku

Before founding Tenjiku, Izana Kurokawa was the eighth leader of Black Dragon. Izana was obsessed with his stepbrother, Shinichiro Sano, the founder of Black Dragon. When he found out that Shinichiro had another brother, he felt betrayed. After Shinichiro’s death, Izana founded Tenjiku to make Mikey the new Shinichiro. Izana founded Tenjiku in Yokohama, and its most potent members are the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku. Besides them, the powerful Haitani brothers are also part of the gang. Before fighting Toman, Izana was able to suppress several powerful gangs in Tokyo, and all the gang leaders knelt before him while he mocked their weaknesses.

5. Brahman

Brahman becomes a powerful force after Tokyo Manji’s dissolution. However, this gang prefers to stay out of the limelight and uses cunning tactics to catch their opponents off guard. The gang is led by Senju Kawaragi, who uses an umbrella as a weapon. The top executives of Brahman are also a force to be reckoned with and are called the Living Legends of Black Dragon. The gang even recruits Draken and Takemichi, two of the most influential members of Toman after Mikey. Brahman cannot be underestimated.

6. Kantou Manji

Kantou Manji is a newly-formed group that is still establishing its presence in Tokyo. The gang consists of members from various defeated gangs, and their leader is not yet known. However, they are already causing trouble for Toman and other gangs in Tokyo.

In conclusion, Tokyo Revengers presents a world of motorcycle gangs fighting for power and influence. While some of these gangs are more powerful than others, they all fight with their physical strength and skills. The battles between these gangs are intense and make Tokyo Revengers a must-watch for anyone who loves action and Shounen manga and anime.

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