Full House Thai: A Compelling and Emotional Thai Drama
Full House Thai: A Compelling and Emotional Thai Drama

Full House Thai: A Compelling and Emotional Thai Drama

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Full House Thai is a popular Thai remake of the renowned Korean drama Full House. Released in 2014, the series stars Mike Angelo and Aom Sushar Manaying in lead roles. This romantic comedy drama follows the story of Aom Am, who accidentally meets actor and singer Mike D. Angelo on a plane and seeks his assistance when she discovers that her friend has sold her house to him.

After their chance encounter, Aom strikes a deal with Mike, agreeing to a contract marriage in order to reclaim her rightful ownership of the house. Initially, their relationship is strained, but as they spend more time together, their bond blossoms. However, their journey is not without obstacles.

One such obstacle is the presence of Mintra, a woman who captivates Mike’s interest and tries to come between him and Aom. Additionally, Guy, who harbors feelings for Aom, attempts to steal her away from Mike. These interferences lead to multiple challenges and misunderstandings, testing the limits of Aom and Mike’s love and commitment.

The Thai remake of Full House stands out with its emotionally charged and intense storyline. The plot delves deep into the characters’ emotions and conflicts, creating a viewing experience that resonates with the audience. Throughout the series, viewers are captivated by the evolving relationship between Aom Am and Mike D. Angelo, which transitions from sweet to tumultuous as Mike’s feelings for another woman complicate their marriage.


Mike Angelo and Aom Sushar Manaying deliver exceptional performances, earning praise for their chemistry and portrayal of their respective characters. The on-screen chemistry between Aom and Mike adds depth and authenticity to their roles, drawing the viewers into their complex world of love and deception.

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While the Thai version of Full House adheres to the premise of the original Korean drama, it includes slight plot modifications to suit the Thai setting. These changes seamlessly blend Thai culture and aesthetics, making the series relatable and engaging for the local audience.

The popularity of Full House Thai is not limited to Thailand alone; it has gained a significant following in Indonesia as well. The drama’s clear and engaging plot, combined with the irresistible charm of its lead actors, has contributed to its success and popularity across borders.

The absence of surprising plot twists in Full House Thai is compensated by the focus on emotional development and conflicts. The characters’ stories are strengthened through their emotional journeys, offering a compelling and immersive viewing experience.

In conclusion, Full House Thai is a captivating Thai drama that explores the complexities of love, relationships, and the consequences of deception. It serves as a reminder that relationships require honesty, communication, and the ability to overcome obstacles. With its emotionally charged storyline and exceptional performances by the lead actors, Full House Thai promises an engaging and memorable viewing experience that keeps audiences hooked till the very end.

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