Synopsis: Foxtrot Six
Synopsis: Foxtrot Six

Synopsis: Foxtrot Six

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Foxtrot Six is a 2019 Indonesian sci-fi dystopian action movie set in the year 2030, where Indonesia has advanced technology, but is simultaneously facing severe hunger. The movie directed by Randy Korompis showcases the Indonesian nation as a dystopian future state, where the citizens have to fight to survive.

The film stars Oka Antara, Verdi Solaiman, Chicco Jerikho, Rio Dewanto, and Arifin Putra. The cinematic piece offers a unique perspective on the nation’s technological advancement and its impact on the Indonesian society.

In the movie, Indonesia has introduced advanced technology to enhance life, but due to extreme climate change, the global economy starts to decline. Thus, Malaysia, as the newly-formed dominant force, begins imposing sanctions on Indonesia, cutting off vital trade relations and causing extreme food shortages.

As a result, a new president named Barona rises to power, promising to restore order and economic prosperity. In reality, Barona is a corrupt leader, and his government is exploiting the citizenry for personal gain.

The story revolves around Angga Saputra (Oka Antara), a former marine commando, who is now a member of the government’s ruling party – Piranas. After realizing the government’s true intentions, Angga collaborates with a group of reformists led by Wisnu, the leader of the special forces squad named GERAM.

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The plot unfolds as Angga and his team plan and execute a rebellion against the corrupt leaders of Piranas. In the process, Angga reunites with his long-lost love, Sari, who is a member of the reformist group.

Though the film brings an intriguing premise to the table, it fails to deliver on certain accounts. For instance, the movie’s dystopian context is not adequately established, making it challenging to predict the impact of some of the events featured in the story.

Despite its few flaws, Foxtrot Six does offer an entertaining and action-packed watch. Nonetheless, its lacking world-building and unconvincing visual effects make the film appear unpolished.


Overall, Foxtrot Six showcases an imaginative and unique take on sci-fi dystopian movies, with a strong cast of respected Indonesian actors. Nevertheless, it falls short on vital aspects like world-building and visual effects. The movie is an entertaining watch, but it fails to make a lasting impact on the genre or the audience.

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